2020 Landscaping Ideas For Classy Homes


These past few months while countries were in lockdowns, I have been following gardening channels and pages and hashtags on social media and I discovered that the earth is so generous. I even planted a small garden myself and I have been rewarded by huge spinach leaves for my table every day. All 3 of my neighbors during this lockdown have managed to start and maintain gardens and every week I get to be gifted fresh produce from their gardens in exchange for my spinach. 

Before the lockdown, gardens were the last thing we would think of when we saw our backyards and front yards in 2020. While the organic food revolution has taken over the world, a lot of us would prefer buying organic stuff than grow it in our backyard which sometimes is a sore site to us and our neighbors, in some cases it has just never crossed our minds and in some suburbs its not ideal for many reasons. So if you cannot be talked into turning your backyard into a garden, I hope you can be convinced into doing any of the following landscaping ideas which will make your backyard pop:

Stone Paths – the newest trend in landscaping. Stone paths  which are usually made of white stone are the new school. They usually contrast those well-manicured lawns well.

Fire Pits – Fire pits are the newest trend in 2020, a great fire pit usually around the sitting area in the backyard will make the backyard graciously beautiful, thank me later.

Sitting area – garden chairs are back and trending again. However instead of boring plain garden chairs, throw in some cushions and couches around the fire pit and watch your garden transform from 1 to 10 in a whim

Water feature – some people like me just like water and an ideal backyard for me should have a water feature either a swimming pool, an outdoor jacuzzi, a fish pond or simply a water feature in between the flowers is good enough.

Garden – the idea of growing your own vegetables and fruits might actually grow on you. 

Flower Archway – This feature might just transform your garden from anything to magnificent. Circular archways are the newest landscaping trend in 2020 and I can’t say I do not like it.

Pot and Flowers Hangers – one can never have too many flowers and hanging flowers are so new school in 2020. 

Patio Rose/ Flowers – Many people struggle on how to decorate their patios, well have you ever considered flowers or just roses on your patio to make your patio extra beautiful

Treehouse – a little play station for the kids to distract them from their screens will be a double winner as it will transform your backyard and help your little ones get that much needed outdoors time.

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