5 Way on how the Pandemic might change travel



It has been a few months since most of us have been able to travel more than 100 kms from our homes because of the COVID-19 restrictions worldwide. As the world is slowly returning to normalcy after months of lockdowns imposed to curb spreading the virus, these 5 new changes when travelling might be the new norm travelers will have to be accustomed to should they wish to move from City A to City B. 

Travel Insurance Might Become Mandatory For Some Destinations.

In some if mot most instances travel insurance especially in Africa was not prioritised, considered or required. However, in the wake of a pandemic that shut down the entire world, airlines, hotels, booking agents might decide people need travel insurance to enter their aircrafts, hotels, countries and or hotel.

Airports, Train/Bus Station Health Checks Will Become More Strict

Temperature checks became the new normal right before lockdowns started and till the cure is found and the pandemic declared over, temperature checks and hand sanitizing will be the new norm at airports bus and train stations worldwide. So, if you have a fever or a cold, you might have a hard time convincing check-in authority that you do not have COVID-19

Direct Travel Bookings Might Soar 

Every business is fighting for survival in this extremely volatile situation, this might cause companies, airlines, hotels and cruise ships to offer huge discounts and promotions to lure more business to survive. This might see more people abandoning travel agencies etc and booking directly to the companies that are running promotions.

Travelers Will Be More Conscious About Their Health And That Of Other Travelers 

The days of travelling while you are sick are almost behind us as travelers will be forced to factor in health concerns in their travel. In some instances, people travel when they are not so well dismissing any small ailment like a headache and saying it will go away, I can’t miss this flight or I have to catch the bus I cant miss this appointment. Travelers will have to factor in their health and the health of others before boarding any public transportation to anywhere.

The Cost Of Travel Will Be Uncertain 

Just like many other uncertainties posed by this pandemic, the cost of travel will be uncertain, while companies are trying to recoup COVID-19 induced losses, it is still unclear if travelling will be cheaper or one will need to pay a small fortune to hop from City A to City B when intercity travelling resumes. Even after intercity travel resumes, the cost of travelling, the cost of booking temporary lodgings might remain uncertain as companies review the impact of the pandemic on their balance sheets.