Avo Super App by Nedbank Scales to Over 100 000 Customers Since its Public Launch



Avo, launched at the height of the national lockdown, has surpassed the 100 000 customer mark in September 2020 and continues to evolve alongside its market. Focusing on the balance of the platform strategy, Avo Business has signed up over 1 600 merchants as demand from customers has increased.

 ‘The growth we have seen on the Avo super app has not only been exponential but also inspiring in terms of South Africans robust appetite for digitisation and innovation,’ says Ray Naicker, Chief Digital Officer of Nedbank Group.

‘Listening to our user base is key to our success. Data is an invaluable currency that informs and embodies our new features, offerings and campaign-driven approach.’

The core Avo propositions, which are primarily online grocery shopping, deals shopping and home services, have started to gain traction.

‘As Avo grows, we’re answering the calls of our customers. Our next release is underpinned by our disruptive seller model, which empowers third-party local businesses to sell their products through Avo. We have embarked on a full digitisation of top malls, allowing customers to shop digitally in a full mall experience, with a single-home-delivery or click-and-collect option.

‘In a year where education has been on the minds of so many, we made an informed decision to integrate with Karri and other market-leading education partners, offering easy and affordable revision content to South Africa’s learners,’ adds Naicker.

Restaurants and selected liquor outlets will very soon be able to sign up on Avo Business. With a wholly integrated and comprehensive last-mile delivery service, Avo is set to become the default choice for these businesses wanting to digitise. This is a real turnkey solution for progressive businesses.

Ease of access to financial products is central to Avo’s value creation philosophy. Getting those must-have items are no longer out of reach, with the seamless ‘Get it on credit’ option at checkout. All purchases, with a value of R2 000 or more, will now be available on credit to eligible customers on checkout.

Scaling through strategic partnerships will remain the cornerstone of Avo’s growth strategy. All partners benefit from the core features of the platform, while focusing on their unique strengths and business strategy, therefore bringing incremental value to the entire network.