Breitling #SquadOnAMission builds on its bicycle-funding success for Qhubeka

For the second year running, Breitling and their Triathlon Squadtook on the Coronation Double Century bicycle race in Swellendam, South Africa, to celebrate the funding ofanother 400 bicycles for Qhubeka Charity.

Including world-class athletes from across cycle sports, and riders from around the globe, Breitling’s #SquadOnAMissionthen followed their race with a bicycle distribution event the next day in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

The event took place at Usasazo Secondary School, where 100 Breitling-funded bicycles were distributed to schoolchildren who are part of Qhubeka’s learn-to-earn programme at the school. “Learners at the school have all signed 12-month contracts that speak to increasing their academic performance and school attendance as the earning criteria for their bicycles,” explains Tsatsi Phaweni, Qhubeka Executive Director. “These 100 bicycles are the last of a total of 450 bicycles distributed into this school for 2019 – 350 of which have been funded by Breitling. Our intention is to continue distributing bicycles here in 2020, until every child in the school has received one. It’s such a joy to ‘fill’ schools with bicycles, so no child is without, and we are thankful to Breitling for making this possible at Usasazo Secondary.”


The event included an interactive relay “race” for the learners to test their bicycles and for some of the Breitling guests to try out the bicycles too. The bicycles are manufactured locally by Qhubeka’s wholly owned subsidiary and social enterprise, Real Bicycle Co. (RBC). They are “built to outlast”, and designed for a minimum of 50,000km or 5 years’ use.

Breitling CEO, Georges Kern says, “It is amazing to see what a difference a bicycle can make. It allows a student to go to school or to secure medical care for a family member – all things we take for granted. Although we were exhausted after the race, meeting the pupils and seeing the Qhubeka team at work was a source of energy for all of us – and it was a great way to remember why we were there.”


Breitling’s all-star #SquadOnAMission includes:

  • Georges Kern, Breitling CEO
  • Jan Frodeno, German Triathlete, Olympic Gold Medallist and multiple Ironman World Champion
  • Daniele Ryf, Swiss Triathlete, Multiple Ironman World Champion
  • Chris McCormack, Australian Triathlete, Multiple Ironman World Champion
  • Ronnie Schildknecht, Swiss Triathlete, Ironman Champion
  • Vincenzo Nibali, Italian Road Cyclist, winner of all three cycling Grand Tours


About Qhubeka

Qhubeka is a global charity that moves people forward with bicycles in Africa. People earn bicycles through our programmes, improving their access to schools, clinics and jobs. A bicycle is a tool that helps people to travel faster and further, to generate income and to carry more. In the face of extreme and persistent poverty, bicycles can change lives by helping to address socioeconomic challenges at the most basic level – helping people to get where they need to go.


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