Completely Green By 2030

Hansgrohe affirms commitment to company goals


Hansgrohe is climate-neutral in all of its sites worldwide, and with various measures in place, Hansgrohe aims to be completely green by 2030, a sentiment that was echoed at their recent company conference.

The Right People

To promote their decisive goals even further, hansgrohe furnished every single staff member with a brand new Vernis Blend overhead shower; an eco-friendly product with EcoSmart technology which uses less water and less energy than conventional showerheads.

“We have green ambassadors in our company who are responsible for ensuring our staff live a more sustainable lifestyle, through recycling, water saving products and how to reduce CO2 emissions,” says Hansgrohe Marketing Manager, Mariette Zietsman.

“Hansgrohe promotes a green mindset. All employees understand the relevance of our sustainability initiatives and puts them into practice in their daily lives. They are actively involved in the transformation processes towards a Green Company,” says Mariette.

Long Term Plans

Hansgrohe defines their purpose as: “Water is life and our passion. We create inspiring moments while protecting this precious element.”

To fulfill that purpose the company has identified the major challenges that are faced by the world over. Perhaps the most frightening of these is the fact that “it takes 1.7 earths to support humanity’s demands from nature” right now. 11% of all freshwater is used by the private industry, while 11% of C02 emissions come from households. These two statistics are where hansgrohe plan to make changes, reducing those numbers with their products.

Contributing to Protecting the Planet

The company has recognised three pillars that they need to uphold. The first pillar is that Hansgrohe preserves water. As safe, fresh water is a valuable, unevenly distributed resource, it is vital that it is used sparingly in areas with shortages. Simultaneously, constant investment in its treatment is essential. Hansgrohe preserves water cycles thanks to its water-saving products, without ever compromising the shower experience.

The second pillar is that Hansgrohe protects the climate. The company’s products support the goals of the Paris and Glasgow Climate Summits and are environmentally friendly. As the use of warm water means using lots of energy Hansgrohe products reduce the energy consumption of sanitary facilities and thus protect the environment.

The final pillar is that Hansgrohe will be part of the circular economy. Wherever resources can be recycled or reused helps preserve ecosystems and saves energy and water. hansgrohe continues to develop long-lasting, reparable, recyclable products, and sustainable packaging, while working towards using the most environmentally friendly materials as possible.

Green Initiatives

Amongst its initiatives, Hansgrohe does the following:

– Climate Protection Strategy
– Green Mindset
– Green Products
– Green Packaging
– Green Supply Chain
– Green Production
– Green Energy
– Green Transparency Services
– Green Controlling
– Social Engagement

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