Courage Daily Delight #9



Today I am encouraged by Jenna Clifford’s Pearl’s of Wisdom. In her Secrets of success and the principles of that she talks about how we can confront our fear with courage. Be equally inspired.

The greatest barrier in our life is FEAR.

Fear keeps us captive of our lifes, our spirit, the mind, the heart and the body.  Successful people confront fear in situations of uncertainty or danger to walk through fear.

Courageous people defy rules, persevere and expand horizons by breaking through their inner boundaries of comfort.  Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the resistance of fear. The ability to beat pain. The source of courage is internal.

Courage combined with perseverance dissolves obstacles and liberates the mind to discover self and inturn achieve greatness.

Courage is one of the most important virtue. It is in our darkest moments that miracles occur and we receive a truly beautiful gift from the universe when we confront our fears and challenge with a heart full of courage.

Awaken your potential knowing that courage is within you.  Live bravely, Blessings follow the Brave.


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