Define Your Tribe Daily Delight #14



Which women in your tribe have inspired, motivated, mentored, encouraged and supported you when you felt like giving up.  Which women in your circles of networks have gone beyond their call of duty and certainly stand out in what they do?  This challenge is for everyone to name and tag the phenomenal women in your journey who are just enough and worth it.  Create the ripple effects of contagious success and celebrate these women.

During the month of August, we will be profiling  phenomenal women. These women come from different business segments. Learn how their entrepreneurial journey shaped them, understand what mistakes they made, their frustrations and moments of joy and their lessons. Draw learnings from their advise and understand on how their achievements and success have made their journey so worth it. We salute these amazing women.

We believe women ought to be celebrated everyday. We continue our search for phenomenal women from across Africa with untold stories to share.  If you would like us to profile you and your business, contact us with your short Bio at and we will get back to you.


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