Diesel – Logo Mania of the Week


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Diesel’s Pre-Spring 2019 collection, the afterparty is transitioning to dawn, and moving east to the enduring, hedonistic and 24/7 playground of Berlin, Germany. The very spirit of the German capital—and all of its revelry and riotousness—matches the spirit of the Pre-Spring lineup.

Dress | RRSP 3599


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Since a couple of seasons, Classic ‘90s logos and slogans, including the distinctive “D”, the seminal slogan “Denim Division “and the Mohican logo, are reintroduced all around the Diesel Collection.
Starting from their key pillars, and giving them a more contemporary attitude, where the vintage touch gets updated to modern shapes, and trends, creating amelting-pot of style that is fresh, versatile and relevant while staying true to their DNA.

T-Shirt | RRSP 1199
Jeans | RRSP 4899

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