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    The core focus of Art Curator Gallery is the acquisition and sale of Old Master Art for investment purposes. At the Art Curator Gallery, there is diversity in our art, which includes African old masters such as Pemba and Sekoto.

    The superior quality of our art extends to our collection of Up and Coming artists such as G.P. Garizio, for those interested in ear-marking the next generation of old masters, as well as more contemporary artists such as Porchie, whose paintings have taken cosmopolitan Johannesburg by storm.

    The Art Curator Gallery at its core is a family business that is extremely relationship oriented. Therefore to nurture our relationships we also deliver and hang paintings and evaluate art either in the gallery or on your property. We offer all the basic services of sales and framing as well as added information and advice about investment art, contemporary art, and interior design suggestions.

    As a second generation gallery owner, Henry has discovered the needs of South African art buyers, and he caters to those needs. His expansive knowledge provides his clients with services that other galleries do not. Henry will personally assess homes and offices and offer professional decor advice. Also our relationships with our artists also allow us to negotiate commissions of art to the specifications of our clients.

    At the Art Curator Gallery, we are committed not only to selling you art pieces that you will treasure but we also refurbish and restoring any art pieces you already cherish and wish to preserve.