Bush Princess

Detailed Information

A leather goods brand proudly handmade in Kenya.

Bush Princess is a small company created in 2007 with 10 employees that we are proud to have with us since the beginning of the adventure. Our company also employs 10 Maasai women who regularly comes to make their beaded creations for our bags.

Like you, today, we are facing the health and economic crisis of Covid-19, with the difference that here the social security system is very poorly developed and the uncertainty about the future is immense in a context of great precariousness for a majority of the population.

Our employees work part-time, no question for the moment of stopping the activity at 100% because here work is synonymous with survival.

In this context, every online sale contributes directly to the support of our community.

Because we are taking the full measure of what the crisis represents here, our team is currently working on the creation of masks that we will distribute free of charge to the inhabitants of Kibera through local initiatives.

Let’s mobilize together, we believe in the magic of solidarity.