Leonista_100% Karoo Agave spirit

Detailed Information
Leonista story:
“Leonista” which means “Lion energy” is the first 100% Karoo agave spirit in the country made in the traditional Mexican way. The production process follows an age old recipe used in Mexico to make Agave spirits like Mezcal that requires smoke and fire, hence Leonista has a delicious smokey flavor. The founder went to Mexico on a research tour and learnt the process from the maestro distillers there. Since it is not made in Mexico it cannot be called Mezcal or Tequila but it is essentially a local Mezcal made using South African Karoo agave that has been growing there for hundreds of years. Leonista and the agave farms have recently received an organic certification.

Leonista is 100% organic and is made for a conscious consumer who demands something of a higher quality, handmade and if treated with respect has energy giving properties and has less harmful effect on the body. 
We also strive to have a positive impact on the world around us so a percentage of every bottle sold goes towards supporting African land and ocean conservation.
See attached sales 1 pager with more info on brand, awards and organic certification. 
Variant/product info:
Blanco – Meaning “white” in Spanish. It is an un-aged variant in the pride and is the closest adaptation to an authentic Mezcal characterized by the smooth but distinctly smokey flavour. Connoisseurs love it and our blanco boasts the most international awards for its quality. Leonista is designed to be sipped but it is also great to use in cocktails like a Margarita or simple mixers such as Bitter/Dry Lemon and lime.

Reposado – Meaning “aged” or “rested” is mellow and aged and is our senior member of the pride. It is rested for 3 – 6 months in oak barrels resulting in a smooth, sweeter flavour with hints of smoky finish. Treat the Reposado like a whisky i.e sipped from a tumbler glass with one block of ice.


Honey Reposado –  the sweetest lioness of the pride. Infused with honey, our honey reposado is subtly sweet with hints of a smokey finish. It is also great to use in cocktails and simple mixers such as Grapefruit, Spicy Ginger Beer or Ginger Ale.

New Products: Reposado Black – Taste is less smokey than the current reposado i.e more like a Tequila than a Mezcal. Mellow and aged. Rested for 6 – 8 months in old brandy, american oak barrels that give it a smooth mouth feel with notes of caramel and dark chocolate. This bottle is designed for on consumption venues as the bottle really stands out on shelf. This bottle is going eventually replace the current reposado. 
Watch the video we did to celebrate the launch here

Lifestyle video for the way we want leonista to make you feel and how to drink it. with respect.

If you would like to see how its made see this production video:
If you would like to be more clued up on Mezcal see video this: