Nebu Gold

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    Nebü, founded by Helen Viljoen, was born from a lifelong quest for justice, truth and a love of nature. Having acquired degrees in Genetics and Law, her yearning to marry heritage and fundamental values with truth and justice was fundamentally sound, but something was missing.

    The final piece of the puzzle was added by her husband, Bastiat Viljoen, an entrepreneur and believer in Austrian economics and its connection with the time tested value of gold. This economic understanding opened up a world of knowledge to her that unlocked the trifecta of the code she was trying to break.

    As fate would have it, the amalgamation of these elements was a natural incubator for Nebü.

    South Africa – home – played host to many a childhood memory in the bushveld. It still holds some of the Earth’s largest and oldest deposits of the gold. South Africa and its treasures have been a part of her DNA, woven into the threads of the Nebü fabric.

    And so her journey to deliver pure authenticity and fundamental value to Nebü clients through the Nebü 24 karat gold jewellery, a first in Africa, was embarked on.

    Pure and sophisticated by nature, the classic range was born. The unsurpassed, ancient value and beauty of 24 karat gold is intoxicating – tangible even – and Nebü is dedicated to delivering this experience to its clients. The ancient legacy of gold as a store of value lives on.

    Her commitment to the unadulterated nature of the gold used in her jewellery and the legacy that Nebü aims to create, lead to the second jewellery collection – the unique Nebü Conservation Collection. Each of our Conservation Collections are inspired by incredibly vulnerable and endangered species, their rarity mirrored by the rarity of this lustrous metal.

    Overwhelmed by choice of which species to support around the globe, Helen felt that charity start at home and South Africa was her first port of call. With the Pangolin and the Rhino Collections, being the two most trafficked animals in the world, she felt that Wildlife trafficking was a good point to tackle.

    In her pursuit for truth and enduring value – a purpose and legacy to create – Helen and her team at Nebü hope to add real, immortal value to your personal journey as well as to mother earth, who bore her this golden treasure.

    Whether it is the Classic or the Conservation Collections that speak to you, the uncompromised luxury and purity of our 24 karat gold jewellery will add an unrivalled elegancy to your wardrobe.