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    Unit 127, Block 4, Riversands Incubation Hub, 8 Incubation Drive, Riverside View x Ext 15, 2021 , Johannesburg, Gauteng 2021
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    Trained in the world-famous Ardmore style of ceramics, Alex proudly presents his bespoke and carefully crafted creations to the public. The latest addition to his collection of works is entitled Walking with Abelusi – the  Zulu word for shepherds of cattle – and each individually designed piece reflects the childhood experiences of the artists working with him at his new studio at the Riversands Incubation Hub in Midrand Gauteng.


    “I was raised in the Zulu tradition of storytelling,” says Alex, “The Abelusi pieces allow us to draw on our childhood sights and sounds, providing us with inspiration to depict our dreams and connect with our traditions.”

    Bespoke and commissioned artwork

    Shabalala Designs accepts commissions for bespoke artwork.  Please contact us to set up a discussion around your needs.

    Packaging and shipping

    All our artwork is carefully wrapped and beautifully packaged.  Should you have a specific requirement we are able to discuss your needs around this.

    All items shipped are done so using a professional courier company, we will quote you based on your order.


    Each piece of art is signed by the artists and is given a unique number which we record.  Our new pieces all have the Shabalala head hidden on them.  Should you wish to establish if you have one of our pieces in your collection please feel free to email us with a photograph.


    Please feel free to share Shabalala Designs photography, it benefits the artists tremendously if you help us grow and reference as well as follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  Please do not edit them in any way.  Please use the photographs in their original form only.

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