Elevate Your Big Night Out Celebrations with New Avión Reserva Cristalino

The Perfect Balance Between Aged Complexity and Agave Brightness


JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, February 20, 2023 – Award-winning Tequila Avión has unveiled Avión Reserva Cristalino, the latest addition to its exclusive Reserva Range. As the prestigious brand continues to redefine standards of quality and taste, its newest innovation in the Avión portfolio is a crystal-clear, aged tequila that is a unique blend of the finest 12-month-old añejo, and a touch of 3-year-old extra añejo, double charcoal filtered to achieve crystalline clarity and unparalleled smoothness.

Established in 2008, the prestigious tequila is made in small batches using only the finest agaves picked from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, ensuring that Avión is taking aged tequilas to new heights with its Reserva range.

Avión invites South Africans to indulge in an adventurous taste of Tulum with Avión Reserva Cristalino’s versatile and elegant profile and unparalleled smoothness, making it great for every occasion, with a range of serves and cocktails capable of surprising at home or proudly served in the trendiest bar in town. Discover the impeccable savouring of a range of layered flavours within the crystal-clear tequila, and enjoy notes of oak, vanilla, spices, and nuttiness, along with the bright earthiness of Avión’s agaves.

Ideally sipped neat or on the rocks, Avión Cristalino goes beyond typically aged tequila; it marries silky smoothness with aged complexity. Avión Cristalino has a world-renowned taste like no other and is meticulously crafted with hand-selected agaves that are slowly roasted in brick ovens and carefully distilled to ensure an incredibly smooth and finely balanced finish.

“Avión Reserva Cristalino is for the individual looking for a superior drinking experience. They intentionally seek elevated experiences and are fearless enough to mix tradition with a modern twist of luxurious and distinct tastes because, with Avion Tequila, It’s Different Up Here,” says Damien Batteux, Head of Portfolio Champagne, Cognac, and Tequila, Pernod Ricard South Africa. “Our consumers are ever-evolving, and this evolution encouraged us to respond better to the industry needs, leading us to launch Avión Reserva Cristalino in South Africa.” concludes Batteux.

The perfectly elevated celebration for any tequila lover comprises Avión Reserva 44 – a taste experience waiting to unfold. The true adventure of this perfectly aged tequila lies in discovering its 44 unique and rich flavour notes. An ever-evolving taste map ready to be explored sip by sip.

Hand-crafted in limited batches, Avión Reserva 44 is an Extra Añejo tequila aged for at least 36 months in American Oak barrels. Elevated and complex, Reserva 44 is aged to perfection for a rich, dark flavour experience consisting of infusions of ripe, luscious fruits.

Avión Reserva Cristalino is now available in selected venues in South Africa, and will take the collectors of elevated experiences throughout a tequila journey with launch events at iconic accounts in Johannesburg then followed by Cape Town and Durban.

Visit TequilaAvion.com to discover more about Avión Reserva Cristalino and the brand’s full portfolio.

About Pernod Ricard SA

In South Africa, Pernod Ricard has been building brands and creating conviviality for the past 29 years. After Nelson Mandela’s release and the subsequent birth of South Africa’s democracy, the lifting of international trade sanctions paved the way for renewed investment opportunities in the country. Pernod Ricard South Africa was established on the 8th of July 1994.

Over the past twelve years, we also established affiliates in Namibia, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, and Mozambique. The relocation of our head offices from Cape Town to Johannesburg in January 2020 united Pernod Ricard South Africa with Pernod Ricard Sub-Saharan Africa to establish the Pernod Ricard Sub-Saharan Africa Management Entity. We employ just under 500 people across Africa, with around 300 employees based in South Africa.



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