Fashion Trends From The 80s And 90s Making A Comeback


There is nothing new under the sun, some philosophists (if there is such a word) have boldly declared. While millennials can come and debunk that philosophy by saying, WIFI, AI and a whole new load of 21st century tech stuff like cloud computing, driverless cars and lidar what what, truth is trends come and go in most cases. The fashion and beauty industry has evolved over the years. Looking at those old black and white photos, you can see that in the old golden days(like what the old folks like to call them) feisty afros ,big hair and many other trends were the order of the day. 

Fast forward a few years latter and many many trends letter, it looks like the good old days fashion trends are upon us one more time. Here are the 90s and beyond fashion trends making a comeback.

Feisty Afros 

The natural hair revolution has taken over the world by a storm, in many parts of the world, many people are opting to have their natural hair as compared to relaxed hair and or hair extensions. Women of different color, ethnicity and background are rocking their natural hair left, right and center and boy we can’t say we are not loving the look.

Block Heels 

This is one trend I see everywhere and utter these words “let this cup pass me by” I am still stuck up in the stiletto and wedges revolutions while millennial fashionistas have brought a new trend and made it look way too cool than before. Block heels have surfaced everywhere that sometimes while shopping online you have to specify you are looking for wedges and stilettos because all they showcase at some websites are block heels. So, for the stiletto stuck ups like me, can I be philosophical and say “embrace change because, change is the only constant” even in the fashion world.

Micro Bags

I remember when I was a kid my mum had a micro bag, and when I was old enough to buy myself a bag, I needed a huge bag, but of late, micro bags have made a huge comeback and we have seen the trend of square, round and all shapes of micro bags. This doesn’t mean huge bags are no longer the in thing, it simply means people prefer to have micro bags under their arms more that those huge bags these days.


Another 80s and 90s trend that is making a comeback with a bang, pleated skirts, pleated dresses I even saw a pleated jumpsuit the other day, are the new school. People are rocking their pleats in so many ways these says and they are looking all kinds of fabulous in them I have to add.

Figure Belts 

The trend of rocking a figure belt with your outfit to either look glamourous, accentuate your figure or just as an addition to your outfit, is a huge trend these days. I remember seeing the trend in old magazines and not really digging it, but I have to say, millennial fashionista have a way make everything really cool and I would be lying if I say I don’t dig the current figure belt trend currently taking over the world right now. For more information contact

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