FESTAC AFRICA 2022 – A Historical Moment as Zanzibar Ushers Africa’s BIGGEST Festival in Africa. An Authentic African Lifestyle Experience

Arts & Culture, Tourism & Travel, Literature & Poets, Music, Food & Fashion, Trade & Business a 3 day Business Conference, a 5 days Exhibition of “Proudly Made in Africa” Products & Services and Africa Day Business Golf


16th April, 2022 – Zanzibar – The history of FESTAC stems back in the early 1960, and its richness echos respect from the forefathers of Africa in the early 1960 when the young African leaders then were trying to rescue Africa from colonialism.

The first FESTAC (1st FESTIVAL MONDIAL DES ARTS NEGRES) took place in 1966 in Dakar, Senegal.  This event was one that was supposed to be held every two (2) years, however perhaps at the peak of independence and other priorities, less focus was placed on this most valuable festival

Eleven years later in 1977, Nigeria hosted the second FESTAC (2nd WORLD BLACK & AFRICAN FESTIVAL OF ARTS & CULTURE) which attracted over 72 countries, and more than 16,000 people from all over the world.  Nigeria FESTAC was so big that a mini-city was built by the government to host the event.  Till today FESTAC City in Nigeria remains a beneficiary of 1977 FESTAC.

Mr. Hassan Ali Mzee – Chairman of Zanzibar Association of Tour Operators and Mr. Yinka Abioye – Chairman of FESTAC AFRICA

It is now exactly 45 years later, and you would question why Africa has not hosted another “FESTAC”.  Well like 1966, even lesser priority has since been placed on this festival which was aimed to bind and bring Africans from all over the world together to celebrate Art, Culture, Heritage and the people we are our Identity.  This event, is aimed to unite rather than divide and that is exactly what FESTAC AFRICA 2022 – Destination Zanzibar is aimed to achieve.  UNITY as we aim to #ActionTheNarrative!

One will ask why a festival of Arts and Culture would encompass so many components as we have structured the upcoming event.  It is important we are reminded, that times have also changed and therefore we cannot ignore the business aspect intertwined in our culture.  Traditionally, trade was a major component of culture and whether it was gold traded with art, or coins or other, trade has always been a huge component of culture.

Great recognition to the strategic partners, Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors (ZATI), Zanzibar National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC), Hotels Association of Zanzibar (HAZ), and Zanzibar Commission for Tourism who have been instrumental in making this festival come to live.  We curated FESTAC AFRICA 2022 – Destination Zanzibar to offer you an experience of every touch-point of culture:  that includes Art, Culture, Heritage, Music, Talent Discovery Trade, Tourism, Hospitality, Travel, Manufacturing, Literature, Story Telling, Writing. As expected, a festival is not a festival without Food, Fashion and Music.

FESTAC AFRICA is intentionally curated to amplify Intra-Africa Trade, hence the reason for the exhibition.  The exhibition is designed to showcase the richness of our continent through a “Proudly Made in Africa Expo”, which we are pleased to extend an invitation to all countries in Africa to participate and proudly showcase what Africa can offer to the rest of the world.  Use this link to register for FESTAC AFRICA https://inspireafricaevents.glueup.com/event/festac-africa-2022-destination-zanzibar-44756/

FESTAC AFRICA  welcomes you all to come to Zanzibar to  share in Africa’s richness!  The Island of Zanzibar has been gracious.   Thanks to the Government of Zanzibar for accepting FESTAC AFRICA 2022 to be Inaugurated in Zanzibar.  Zanzibar as its known by many is the Spice Island situated in Tanzania.  This beautiful island in Africa is yet to be showcased to the world and we are proud to be associated with it.  An Island of peaceful, warm & friendly people and a wonderful cross-road of culture & religion, with abundant richness in Art & History.

The line-up of our distinguished guests includes former Presidents of various African Nations, Ministers,  Ambassadors of various foreign missions, 2 African Noble Prize winners in Literature, Women in Powerful positions, Chairpersons, leaders of organisations, Corporations, NGO’s, various key associations and many more.

We invite you to come share in our richness and be part of FESTAC AFRICA 2022 – Destination Zanzibar, as we usher a new dawn in Africa from 22nd – 29th May 2022.  Our array of exciting programmes include a 5-day exhibition, a 3-day business conference bringing some of the top corporate leaders and government officials to share the abundant opportunities in Zanzibar, Tanzania & Africa. A 1-day golf on Africa day, extending a day of fun to the executives or avid golfers just looking for a day out to unwind; 300 exhibitors of “Proudly Made in Africa”, international buyers and so much more.

Mr. Hassan Ali Mzee – Chairman of Zanzibar Association of Tour Operators (ZATO)

We have so much lined up for you over the seven days and you do not want to miss out a day of this exciting once in a life time opportunity.  The week-long festival will deliver the best curated experiences ever. We are working closely with the local businesses, associations, and community leaders to ensure the best of Zanzibar products and services are also showcased and given a platform to connect with international audience.

Our aim is to deliver optimal value for each & every exhibitor, business, organizations, attendees, and everyone associated with FESTAC AFRICA.  Let us proudly celebrate Africa, Let us proudly celebrate the people we are, let us usher a new dawn with pride and dignity.

We look forward to hosting you in Zanzibar.  The success of Africa is in our collective hands. When we connect and work together to develop and promote Africa we will start to see this change demonstrated in our economies as sales & trade increase.

We therefore, call on the private sector, and the public sector  to join hands and support FESTAC AFRICA as we aim to make this an annual event.  Your support will mean a successful FESTA AFRICA festival from one year to the next. This  can only be achieved with your support. Zanzibar will be buzzing during this period, a great place to connect with people on the continent and others in the Diaspora.

Mr. Hassan Ali Mzee – Chairman of Zanzibar Association of Tour Operators and Mr. Yinka Abioye Chairman of FESTAC Africa

We take this opportunity to appreciate our partners ZATO, ZATI, ZNCC, HAZ, Zanzibar Commission for Tourism, and The Ministry for Tourism Zanzibar for joining hands with us thus far and for believing in FESTAC AFRICA.  Your support means continual growth.

“FESTAC AFRICA is a platform for unlocking conversations around our similarities, differences, culture, heritage, networking, trade and bringing people together to drive intra-Africa economic boost when we start having open & candid conversations.”  Mr. Yinka Abioye – Chairman FESTAC AFRICA.

“FESTAC AFRICA is coming to Zanzibar at the right time to create opportunities for our people from grassroot levels and to help drive economic boost for Zanzibar from tourism, business and also create awareness of our beautiful island.  With so much to offer our people, this is an event we must all participate and show support as Africans.  Being an annual event it will change the lives of many who will be involved.  Hassan Ali Mzee – Chairman ZATO).”

MY Africa!           YOUR Africa!              OUR Africa!


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