Fine Jewelry, Costume Jewelry and Fashion Jewelry

The business of Luxury is increasingly expanding globally with jewelry, cosmetics and fashion accessories in general dominating consumer spending for both Women and Men.

What are some of the fundamental elements to consider when choosing the right jewelry elements to complement your dress code particularly when it comes Fine Jewelry, Costume Jewelry and Fashion Jewelry.

Often there is so much confusion around what falls under costume, fashion or even fine jewelry.  It is important to now because brands used these words when marketing their products. As the consumer here is what you need to know when next time you are making an investment decision on jewelry.

Fine jewelry is made with valuable metal such as gold, platinum precious metals, and is set with natural, precious gemstones. Much stronger too and will does not tarnish.

Fine Jewelry – Just as the name implies, these are expensive timeless pieces that people wear only on special occasions.  Usually made of real precious metals, gems, and natural stones. They are made of long-lasting materials but tend to be delicate, they are not your everyday type of jewelry as they tend to stand out so usually worn sparingly.

While some of the engagement rings, wedding band, and bridal accessories and the like tend to fall under this category.  Some people like to look at Fine Jewelry as investments and something one can wear for life and not have to worry about fading, wear, and tear. There are a wide variety of metals one can also work with when making fine jewelry.When it comes to the stones, fine jewelry crafts, people use diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald, aquamarine, tanzanite, jade, and pearls etc…

If you’re opting for fine jewelry here’s what to keep in mind


  • Fine jewelry is an investment
  • They are long lasting because of the materials it’s made of
  • Fine jewelry give someone status in society
  • They are not mass produced, so you typically get one of a kind jewelry



  • They are expensive and sometimes out of reach for many


Costume jewelry can easily be confused for Fine Jewelry as sometimes designs can imitate that of true fine jewelry and therefore often considered alternative to fine jewelry pieces.   Costume Jewelry is made of more economical and lower quality materials.

Costume jewelry is however her to stay and has changed the way we can accessories outfits to look stunning at a fraction of the price.

Consider the following before purchasing when getting custom jewelry:


  • You wont break the bank. They are typically made of inexpensive material
  • endless variety to choose from
  • They are beautiful pieces you can get for a fraction of the price
  • They are commonplace in society, meaning anyone can look good on a budget


  • They typically do not last long

Costume jewelry and Fashion jewelry are synonymous in some cases.

Fashion jewelry on the other hand , refers to jewelry that is in line with the latest trends and can be considered current.  Fashion Jewelry is made of non-precious stones and metals like copper, brass, and bronze. Fashion jewelry can also be plated by expensive metals such as gold but with an inexpensive based metal underneath.

Consider the following before purchasing fashion jewelry:


  • They tend to have better quality metal and stones
  • They last longer especially when plated with precious metals
  • Fashion jewelry look close to fine jewelry than costume jewelry does
  • You can get expensive looking jewelry for a fraction of the price



  • They wear off eventually.


Some of the considerations when making a decision on whether to buy a Costume, Fashion or Fine jewelry


  1. Budget

How much money you have or are willing to spend on jewelry is what ultimately dictates the type of jewelry you’ll get.


  1. Occasion

If you’re going to propose to the love of your life, you’ll be inclined to save and purchase a ring made of expensive metals and diamonds or other precious stones.


3 .  Errands

What you are doing and where you are going can also determine what type of jewelry you need to wear, if you are running day to day errands you donot want to wear expensive and excessive fine jewelry that may just attract a lot of attention.


    4. Seasons and Themes for Jewelry.

Fine jewelry typically tends to be timeless pieces that you can wear through the year.  However, Fashion and Costume jewelry tend to be  different. Some brands create jewelry around specific themes and seasons of the year. It makes it easy for someone to stay trendy throughout the year.

If you are considering upgrading your jewelry, consider getting pieces that you can wear to match the seasons throughout the yearopt for simpler designs because of fashion changes annually.


       5. Safety

Where you live or are travelling to is an important consideration.  If you live in an area where theft is common or travel to areas where that is the case, you want to tone down in your jewelry not to compromise your safety while feeling good when wearing them.

In Conclusion, Grace Mumo Founder/CEO Luxury Media Africa and Luxury Xclusives adds, we live in times whereby, looking good doesn’t mean you have to dig deep into your pockets. Whether, fine Jewelry, costumer Jewelry or fashion Jewelry, Technology and creativity have shaped the jewelry industry, leaving everyone spoilt for choice.  Just make the right fashion accessory decision that best suits you.

We are available to come review your luxury products and services. If you have any exclusive events and looking for a team to put that together let us know. No place is too far for us.

Grace Mumo

Founder / CEO

Luxury Media Africa

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