Gift of the Givers supports Steyn City Foundation’s initiative to help Diepsloot



Johannesburg, 17 April 2020: Gift of the Givers has stepped forward to bolster the Steyn City Foundation’s endeavours to support the neighbouring community of Diepsloot during the COVID-19 crisis.

Gift of the Givers’ contribution to this campaign takes place at the time of the Steyn City Foundation’s second delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables to 3 000 homes in Diepsloot. Steyn City Properties, CEO Giuseppe Plumari explains that the deliveries represent an attempt to alleviate food shortages caused by the loss of income in the wake of the coronavirus lockdown.

The Steyn City Foundation warmly welcomed the donation from Gift of the Givers, which includes samples of germ-killing bleach, as well as much-appreciated treats like cappuccinos and cheese puffs. The donation was made possible through Gift of the Givers’ partnerships with Nestle and Unilever.

“We hope that this donation will go some way to assisting the families of Diepsloot, who have been severely affected by the economic issues created by the lockdown,” says Allauddin Sayed, Gauteng Regional Director of Gift of the Givers.

The Steyn City Foundation has stated that it will make weekly deliveries of immune-boosting, nutrient-rich fresh produce to Diepsloot household in an attempt to ensure that Steyn City’s neighbours remain healthy and well-fed. The first delivery took place on 9 April.

Plumari states that the Steyn City Foundation is extremely grateful for the organization’s participation in the project. “This is not the first time Gift of the Givers has joined forces with us; the organization also supported our initiative to provide shoes for school learners as part of our 2018 Delivering Happiness to Diepsloot campaign. However, their participation this time, during a period when there is so much demand on their resources, means an enormous amount to us,” he concludes.

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