JEFF Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary With Live Fitness Event “JEFFaversary Day”

Join the online fitness revolution to celebrate the first anniversary of JEFF TOGETHER this month. JEFF, the company behind the Facebook group “JEFF Together” which exploded at the start of lockdown, will be hosting an exciting live fitness event,  “JEFFaversary Day” on 13 March. The virtual event will be live streamed from the Westin Hotel in Cape Town starting at 07h00 and will include Yoga, High Intensity Interval Training, Zumba and Cook-along sessions. The event is free to all South Africans by tuning in live via Facebook (“JEFF Together” Group on Facebook) or via JEFF’s YouTube channel.

What’s more, starting on Monday 8 March, JEFF will open up all their 50 classes per week, for free, to all participants leading up to the event. Tens of thousands of South Africans have been enjoying the free workout broadcast each day to help keep them fit and healthy since lockdown began a year ago, but now everyone will have access to free Yoga classes, Zumba, HIIT, low-impact classes, cooking sessions and more.

A mere 12 months ago JEFF, founded by Johno Meintjies,  was a fledgling start up in the online fitness community, offering personalised 1-on-1 coaching in the gym or home environment. With the launch of lockdown in March 2020, JEFF saw an opportunity to help South Africans keep fit and healthy from the safety of their own homes in a way that no other company had done before. The JEFF TOGETHER Facebook Group was born, broadcasting live daily workouts, filmed from Johno Meintjes own home and free to anyone who wanted to join in. The growth in the past year has been nothing short of phenomenal with JEFF TOGETHER becoming one of the most successful online fitness communities globally with a community of 60,000 people from 43 countries around the world. A truly South African success story in challenging times.

“The last 12 months have been hard for everyone but something positive has come out of it all. We’ve helped thousands of people keep fit, healthy and feel connected to loved ones all over the world during an unprecedented time.” says Johno Meintjies.

The company also offers a JEFF Life membership which includes over 50 live classes a week as well as access to their web app for on-demand classes and customised training plans. They also provide personalised one-on-one coaching to clients which includes tailored nutrition plans, daily coach support, an expert-designed exercise program and monthly health and progress assessments.

In celebration of this anniversary, a special invitation is extended to all South Africans to join JEFF on 13 March, no matter your level of fitness to take part in a day focused on fitness and health.

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