Ladles of Love to Flight ‘africa In Action’ Documentary on World Food Day


    Coincides with the launch of its food security programme

    12th October, 2020Ladles of Love is flighting its new, emotive “Africa in Action” TV documentary to coincide with World Food Day on 16th October to raise funds for its ‘food security’ programme.

    Ladles of Love will present the “Africa in Action’ 90 minute film in partnership with SA Ubuntu, talking sustainability in Africa and the power of the African philosophy of humankind, ubuntu. 

    According to Ladles of Love founder, Danny Diliberto, the show, which premieres on World Food Day, is a compelling, entertaining and informative documentary, starting a new conversation around Africa’s ability to self-sustain using a ‘circular economy’.

    “The common belief reveals that, together we can address the poverty related social issues facing millions of people on the African continent, who want nothing more than to earn and provide for their families with respect and dignity,” he says.

    “The documentary talk-show is inspirational and highlights the need for investment in social entrepreneurs in the food sector and in so doing, shift funding from the traditional hand-outs to sustainable hand-ups – uniting concerned global citizens in a movement of ‘Humanity Against Hunger’.”

    The documentary will be flighted to a global audience and will coincide with the launch of the Ladles of Love food security and sovereignty programme and the SA Ubuntu Foundation #PledgeUbuntu movement.

    He says that Ladles of Love “Africa in Action” in partnership with SA Ubuntu is not only a show with an avid audience but a conduit for the true spirit of ubuntu. “In response to world leader Nelson Mandela’s legacy for action against poverty –  we use story – telling, music and dance to show how together we can solve social issues through stimulating community sustainability and start creating a new world by providing hope for all,” he says. 

    The success of Ladles of Love is evidence of this being one of the largest contributors to feeding those in need in the past 6 years, and expanded its operations in the wake of Covd-19 contributing over 7 million  meals to vulnerable communities since April this year and is one of the largest contributors from the non-profit sector in South Africa.

    Recognising the need for food security, Ladles of Love created a division that has awarded 20 Community Organisations grants of equipment and training to establish catering kitchens enabling the feeding of 1000 people per meal time.  

    However, Diliberto says that we need to continue to alleviate hunger by securing ongoing investment to feed people and drive food security. “It is only by working together that we can find solutions, we cannot do this on our own, we need people to help us invest in our future food leaders,” he explains.

    Food security plays a major role in job creation and leads to a better quality of life for humankind. “We embrace this as a fundamental truth to the world we live in,” he adds. “We believe this documentary will start a new conversation around Africa’s ability to self-sustain in food security by featuring people with fascinating talents, social enterprises and innovations.” 

    Donations generated from the show will allow people living in abject poverty due to extreme levels of unemployment, the ability to provide meals for their families with dignity. 

    The show will flight to create global awareness by attracting as many international audiences as possible.  “Our call to action is simply together, let’s be #HumanityAgainstHunger.”

    He says that Ladles of Love “Africa in Action” is more than a show per se. 

    The show will host a stellar selection of entertainers embracing ubuntu from around the globe. 

    “These individuals have been handpicked because of the pioneering roles they play in their respective disciplines, with their performances embracing ubuntu in our collective fight in addressing poverty across the African Continent and the world,” he says. 

    The numerous participants include famous foodies and chefs, farmers, musicians, TV personalities and restaurant owners.

    Songs that will feature during the show include Marc Lottering’s What about the people sung by Craig Lucas, Casper Nyovest with ‘Mamma I made it’, Craig Hinds from Watershed with ‘Countdown’. 

    Show facilitator Vuyo Koyana says: “Until lions have their own historians, tales of hunting will always glorify the hunter – Africa in Action sees Africa rewriting history from one of pity and despair, to one of hope and glory through the stories of social warriors.”

    Ladles of Love request is simply for people concerned about food security that are conscious-minded to:

    1. Watch the show on DSTV Channel 180 on 16th Oct at 19h00 and 22h00 or follow on Facebook @ladlesofloveCT for details on how to watch the show.

    2. Donate and Invest in Ladles of Love’s food social entrepreneurship programme

    3. Pledge Ubuntu to the values and principles of ubuntu

    Those wishing to donate or get involved with Ladles of Love visit: 

    the Ladles of Love Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages #ladlesoflove  #humanityinaction #humanityAgainstHunger