Launch of Empress Ekaterina Ultra-Premium Vodka.


The most imposing, sophisticated and luxurious Vodka in the world, which has just launched worldwide.

The Empress Ekaterina Ultra-Premium Vodka is available at the price of UK£1,495,000.

Empress Ekaterina Vodka said in a statement;

”Empress Ekaterina Ultra-Premium Vodka, named after Catherine the Great of Russia, attracts amultitude of compliments; an exceptional gift that shall be sought after by connoisseurs around the world, thisunique Vodka blends the art of the Master Jeweller and the stunning and unique history of Imperial Russia with an unrivalled commitment to the mastery of grain and spirit. ”

The sublime Empress Ekaterina Ultra-Premium Vodkais an artisan made and small batch vodka with only handpicked grains used with the purest of water, consequentially the vodka produced is supremely smooth and delicate.

Empress Ekaterina Ultra-Premium Vodka is then retained in thebreathtaking Empress Ekaterina Decanter which is made from the highest quality rubies, diamonds, gold and handcrafted crystal the highlights of which include a fully covered decanter body with rubies and diamond lettering and the dazzling summit which is an exact replica of the Russian Imperial crown introduced by Catherine the Great with ruby, white pearl and diamond decoration.

The Empress Ekaterina Ultra-Premium Vodkais then hand bottled in highly limited releases.

Empress Ekaterina Ultra-Premium Vodka is produced by Isabella’s Islay the makers of the world’s most exclusive whisky range.

About Isabella’s Islay: Founded in 2011, Isabella’s Islay continues its legacy as the foremost producer of Ultra- Premium Beverages. Isabella’s Islay has cultivated the traditions and history of Spirit making with its independence, passion, dedication to quality, and thoughtful innovation.