Life After COVID 19 – A holiday with Club Med


Life as we know it has completely changed and the world at large has had to adjust to a ‘new normal’. We are living in unprecedented times with the world under attack from the global pandemic that is the Corona Virus and many people are living in a state of fear, with their mindsets and priorities largely changed.

Be that as it may, life will go on and eventually the world will open its borders. After weeks of being stuck in the house, anyone would jump at the opportunity to get away. That dream destination you’ve always wanted to visit still awaits your presence!

Whether it’s a trip planned with family or friends or a couples’ getaway or honeymoon that has been postponed – all these trips need to happen. Romantic walks on the beach, sunset dinners and floating breakfast are definitely something to look forward to and make a reality. Here are some ideas for an all-inclusive holiday with your plus one, in Bali, Greece or Mauritius:

A common theme during lockdown is learning a new skill, be it knitting, taking a short course or even joining a virtual yoga class. Learning something new will never get old even post Covid-19. Club Med resorts are the perfect haven for active couples wanting to learn new skills so how about learning to ski or snowboard with the family in the Swiss Alps. Here is how Club Med brings that to life:

Club Med resorts actually make up the largest sports playground in the world with each of the resorts having over 40 signature activities and these include but are not limited to; Beach Volleyball, Tennis, Flying trapeze and many, many more! There definitely is lots and lots to look forward to post Covid 19.

The time we have spent in lockdown has allowed us the luxury of time to dream and plan, and with just the click of a button, prospective travellers have access to a list of all-inclusive holiday destinations like they’ve never experienced before:

With over 69 resorts and destinations around the world, we definitely have something to look forward to post Covid 19.

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