Luxury Exclusives Partners Travel Africa Network To Bring You An Exclusive Luxurious Travel Show: Luxury Exclusives Show


Luxury xclusives and 24-Hour African Travel Channel, Travel Africa Network (TAN) have partnered to bring viewers a treat, a show that will give a new definition and meaning to luxurious travelling. The show titled the Luxury Exclusives Show, will be broadcasted early next year on TAN, the first African travel channel to broadcast dedicated high-quality digital TV content to 135 million homes in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa (EMEA).

TAN is a leisure, travel & tourism company satellite television channel dedicated to promoting tourism and hospitality in Africa that was recently contracted with Eutelsat (European Telecommunications Satellite) to broadcast on HOTBIRD 13° East which forms one of the largest satellite broadcasting footprints in EMEA. While Luxury Xclusives is an authentic, untold story of Africa Luxurious brands’ flagship storyteller, that has created a technology platform that gives Luxury brands in and from Africa a niche platform that markets, promotes and helps brands sell their wares through an online eCommerce platform.

The partnership will see Luxury Xclusives and TAN coming together to produce and broadcast a show branded, the Luxury Xclusives Show, that will focus on unearthing the best of Africa’s finest products, tell the brand’s stories and the people behind the brands. The show will also show how connections with local brands are made, showcase the brands’ entire product lines and the community impact of the brands to the targeted audience.

Commenting on what inspired the idea for the Luxurious Xclusives Show that will be unveiled to the world early next year to TAN’s 135+ Million viewers in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa (EMEA), Luxury Xclusives leader Grace Mumo said:

Africa has some of the finest products in the world but our products despite being unique, luxurious, of high quality and or handmade, still do not receive any recognition as Luxurious. It’s about time we take pride in our products, embrace our uniqueness and take on international platforms that share and tell the African Narrative with pride and dignity. Africa is rising and we are part of that uprising.

Speaking about the partnership that will see avid travellers, tourists and people from all walks of life discover Africa’s finest in comfort, Travel Africa Network CEO Maggie Mutangiri said:

There is a new wave of African Luxury brands and a growing demand for luxury African products across the globe, yet luxury brands within the continent are struggling to access the global luxury market and receive the media attention needed in order for them to increase their brand recognition outside of their home countries. To create tailored digital campaigns Travel Africa Network has partnered with Luxury Xclusives Magazine to broadcast an encyclopedia of Luxury-Lifestyle brands and experiences, allowing consumers globally to be exposed to African luxury.

Africa as a continent has all the major requirements of authenticity and exclusivity that the modern luxury traveller requires. From luxurious railway journeys across countries to romantic holidays in exclusive locations, savannahs and cities, The Luxury Exclusive Show will take viewers on an intrepid exploration of African journeys and lifestyle experiences designed by our luxury travel and lifestyle experts.

The show will target all sophisticated travellers, tourists and any sophisticate at heart with a desire to experience Africa with an emphasis on unique experiences and superb service where needs and wants are fulfilled. This includes exclusivity, privacy, and everything from relaxation to adventure, with pampering and extras.

To someone who is anticipating the new show, the Luxury Xclusives Show will focus on unearthing the best of Africa’s finest products, put an emphasis to the narrative that Africa is an exciting, love-filled memorable destination that can offer you a place and space to relax and enjoy the authentic African lifestyle