Luxury Fashion brands in Kenya you should know


Kenya is Africa’s 2nd largest luxury market after South Africa according to economic analysts. This has increased competition between rising luxury brands to set up their businesses in the country. As much as international brands are loved, the local luxury fashion is also trending.

The local demand for luxury items has increased up recently, enlarging the market for these luxury goods and services, among these being fashion. Here are some of the Kenyan brands on the rise you should get to know.

Adele Dejak

The luxurious handcrafted African inspired jewelry from Kenya is exactly what you need in your collection. The material used to make the jewelry comes from different tribes and gives the ornaments meaning every time you glance at these beautiful pieces.

Described as sophisticated, edgy, and trendy the pieces are definitely set out to make a statement. Along with the jewelry, the brand also has exclusive interior decor items.

Sandstorm Kenya

If you are planning to go for a safari, they have got your back or should I say bag (pun intended). Sandstorm Kenya has been making safari bags for 20 years in Nairobi making their brand as trustworthy as the bags they make. The materials used are quite durable for travel and they are long-lasting.

They have a variety of designs ranging from simple wash bags, clutches, and pouches to duffle bags, briefcases, and large weekend bags, among many more.Rose Jewelry

Designed in the name of luxury, beauty and perfection, Rose jewelry has an exclusive range of real diamonds, gold, pearls and silver jewelry. For simplicity uniqueness and elegance their products should definitely be on your list.

Sued Watches

Pronounced as SUD watches, the Kenyan brand provides you with a unique way to keep time with the Afro-centric design. The watches are handmade in Kenya with a unique African print on the leather straps and cuffs by use of the popular Massai beads. Every design is uniquely created to fit the client’s individuality. The watches fit into the phrase of being an African timer perfectly.

If you are looking for a creative, stylish, and extra-ordinary accessory then you might just find what you are looking for at Sued Watches.

Kipato Unbranded

Kipato is the Swahili word for income. A brand created to cater for the income of its workers and empowering them as well as catering for the environment using recycled materials. They partner with local artists to give them access to the luxury market.

The jewelry has intricate and artistic designs, with the main materials being brass, bones and beads. Suitable for a high profile event and equally a brunch with friends, the designs give an African delicate touch to complement your style.

Bush Princess

Elegance mixed with European fashion and crafted with African materials, Bush Princess is a Kenyan brand that specializes in the making of leather handbags. Bringing you the best of their craftsmanship, they also provide you with exquisite quality.

Ami Doshi Shah

She is a prestigious award winning jeweler based in Nairobi Kenya. Utilizing locally sourced materials from the Kenyan mining industry, the talismanic and symbolic role of adornment is behind the inspiration of her work. She describes her artistry as an optimal blend for jewelry that is not only unique and ethically sound but infinitely wearable.



Aprelleduany is a leading afro-luxe accessories brand focusing on excellence, innovation, and diversity. It is an emerging luxury brand that encourages others to use their gifts and experiences to pursue life’s dreams.

The brands aim is to expand and elevate the image African luxury. Creating high quality products drawing from the traditions, culture and heritage of Africa, Aprelleduany reflects a journey of mystery and discovery.


This brand has taken its designer leather bags to the next level of luxury.  They leave no stone unturned when it comes to execution.  Their leather bags are well crafted with each bag made meant to tell a story.

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