Make Your Long-Awaited Trip a Memorable One…

With vaccine numbers rising and covid cases dropping rapidly, South Africa is open for business and we look forward to welcoming the world again.

We know that many eager travellers have had to postpone their dream vacations to South Africa and many more are seeking a new adventure, thus First Diamonds is here to make sure their trip to Cape Town is even more memorable.

What better way to celebrate an unforgettable journey to Africa than with one of its most precious gems…?


If you have not heard, in the world of Diamonds…. no Diamonds are more sought after than South African Diamonds…  and unlike curios that gather dust or postcards that fade over time, jewellery can be worn all year round, for every occasion, it reflects who you are and where you have been. It’s an asset you can enjoy now that adds to your generational wealth… so why not own one of Africa’s most precious gems.


Make your holiday memorable with to visit FIRST DIAMONDS, South Africa’s largest privately-owned wholesale diamond dealer. FIRST DIAMONDS offers the largest selection of GIA certified loose diamonds, certified Tanzanite as well as an extensive collection of Diamond and Tanzanite jewellery at exceptional prices, direct from mine to market. Apart from offering the best prices on high-quality goods, we also believe that the experience of purchasing a piece of jewellery should be as special as the piece itself and thus we offer you a private buying experience in the heart of Cape Town.


All bookings to be made to Heidi Wahl +27 63 170 6064 l +27 21 419 9999 or email