OKAPI – An African Luxury Brand with Presence

OKAPI – An African Luxury Brand with Presence, Nature Conservative Cautious, Unique and Timeless

Luxurious, authentic, bold, energy, artisanal, attention to detail, quality over quantity are just a few words that describe the @OKAPI brand. Produced in Cape Town, South Africa I had the honour of meeting the Brand Ambassador of OKAPI.com @Anadia Green at the Rosebank store in Johannesburg. I experienced brand passion, energy, one-on-one brand connect and undivided attention. OKAPI.com is an African brand producing authentic exclusive leather bags and accessories designed in Africa.

@Anadia Green walked me through the OKAPI in store products, narrating the OKAPI brand story, sharing the ethos behind the brand, describing the leather used to produce each item,  sharing stories of how OKAPI has impacted the communities they touch and work with showing the true #Africanubuntu, and only singing praises of the OKAPI Founder/CEO @Hanneli Rupert whom I am looking forward to meeting.  Every element of OKAPI bag is entirely traceable, sustainable and ethically sourced.  The OKAPI bags are hand made while placing emphasis on nature conservation throughout the entire process.

We discussed brand collaboration and further developing brand synergies in 2020 to help drive business growth through various meaningful activities and engagements.  This is a brand with presence, status, and class.  A brand that cannot be ignored.  The collaboration with other luxury brands equally demonstrates their willingness to drive inclusive success. #BlackXcellence #luxury #TheAfricawewant

The OKAPI leather bags are luxurious, unique and designed to last a lifetime and to grow old with their owners.  OKAPI products are mainly found in exclusive hotel boutiques targeting a very niche clients and also sold in their boutiques in select countries. OKAPI is Xclusives Luxury in Africa from Africa shows that Africa has what it takes to produce luxury products. #extraordinary #womeninthebusinessofluxury #TheAfricawewant #itistimeforAfrica #proudlyafrican

Connect with @Grace Mumo at @Luxurymediaafrica for products review and to discuss brand synergy, luxury strategy, your brand digital strategy and opportunities for collaboration.  #AfricaLuxury #luxurytravel #opulence #lifestyles #okapi

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