Okavango Delta Botswana Enjoy An African Safari Experience


Just 65 kilometers out of Botswana’s town of Maun, a holiday maker in need or in search of a true luxurious African safari will be confronted with the most magnificent floodplain, The Okavango Delta. The delta is a large inland swamp that is in Northern Botswana close to the Moremi Game Reserve. The view is so magnificent and from the moment you get there in the aircraft that ferry people from Gaborone or if you are going to drive from Maun to the floodplains you will definitely experience African Safari bliss.

Whats So Special About Okavango Delta?

Wrong question, the right question is what’s not special about the delta. Those who have been to a Safari before can simply say if you go to one Safari then you have probably seen it all, right? Well have you ever been a safari that will be in the midst of a floodplain? Where one of the activities will be to ride a dugout canoe? Where you go on an after dark game viewing and where you get to do a walking safari deep in the floodplain’s plains.

The truth is everything about the Okavango Delta is special. From the luxurious camps where you can put up for the rest of the trip like the Vumbura Plains Camp to the photographs you will take and use to make your friends and family utterly jealous or inspired on social media, there is nothing not special about the delta.

Why Visit Okovango Delta?

By now you have this nagging question in your mind right? Well, because you will get to do some, most or all of the following activities.

  1. You get to float above the Okavango Delta in a balloon and see breathtaking scenery and take mind-blowing photos
  2. You will get on a local dugout canoe and flow down the swamps, The Makoro Ride an experience you will live to tell your children and their children.
  3. Guided Walking Safaris, it won’t be an African Safari without a walking safari right?
  4. Fishing and Boating for that much needed engaging activity
  5. Helicopter Scenic View Ride, in case the balloon is not too good for your soul.
  6. Of course it won’t be a safari without a game drive to see Africa’s finest animals which crawl up and down the swamp

And so much more you will be spoilt for choice. The best time to visit the delta will be the dry seasons, from July to October.

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