Operation Hunger #feedafamily campaign continues to feed families despite COVID-19



Established in 1980, Operation Hunger has a history of positive action in the fight against malnutrition in South Africa. The organisation has reached over 2.4 million beneficiaries and is ramping up its fundraising efforts to help the vulnerable during the COVID-19 epidemic.

“Our monthly feeding scheme which provides for roughly 5000 families is under immense pressure due to various challenges faced by the COVID-19 epidemic.”
states Clement Summerton, National Project Development Manager.

The Operation Hunger feeding scheme has 43 distribution points in deeply rural areas and sprawling informal settlements with little or no basic services. Operation Hunger has the infrastructure in place to help thousands of additional families which is why they have launched the #feedafamily campaign.

The Operation Hunger #feedafamily campaign enables anyone to donate from R200 on the Operation Hunger website (www.operationhunger.org.za) towards a food & sanitizing pack for a vulnerable family. Once a donation is received, dry bulk foods, tinned foods and sanitary items are purchased and packed at a local supermarket. With the help of volunteers, the packs are distributed to beneficiaries identified by local relief committees. Each beneficiary will sign on receipt of the food parcel.

“We have added sanitizing products to our traditional food parcel and placed a big emphasis on flattening the curve. It is a difficult balancing act of feeding the country and fighting COVID-19  but our volunteers and staff have been nothing short of amazing.

At the time of writing, the #feedafamily campaign has raised over R300 000 which will provide an additional 1500 families with food parcels. We are calling on the public to help us feed 10 000 additional families. To view our footprint (distribution centres) visit: www.onelovesa.com

Anyone interested in getting involved can visit the Operation Hunger website: www.operationhunger.org.za or scan the barcode to be directed to the #feedafamily campaign page.