Red alert as RED! the Gallery beats the lockdown blues


(Cape Town). RED! the Gallery are tackling the COVID-19 challenge head on. The ever-creative gallery-cum-restaurant space, located at Bree Street, Cape Town, and Steenberg Village in Tokai, are thinking out the box.

In a time of social upheaval, owners David Endean and Nepheritie Rosanna Jade Nikki are riding the wave with enticing enhancements to the RED! the Gallery experience.

Healthy Brunch & Booch Boxes To minimize the stress of communal shopping, readymade meals will be available in recyclable packaging from Greenhome from 27 March, 2020. This tasty treat comes with an 850 ml Happy Culture Kombucha drink.

Meal options include a butternut and avocado wrap; smoked salmon/trout and avo wrap, and a quinoa, spinach, sweet potato feta and chive salad.

Brunch & Booch Boxes will be available for pick-up daily between 10h00 – 13h00 at both cafés. No deliveries.

The boxes will also be offered in Johannesburg, where you can order online from Magnificent Health, Conscious 108 and Red! The Gallery Café (from 23 March,2020). Deliveries can be arranged, or items can be collected from pick up points in Rosebank or Morningside.

Happy Culture Kombucha Immune Boosting Properties

One’s gut and immune system is very closely linked, with 70 percent of your immune cells living in your digestive tract.  Your gut is also in charge of many important functions in your body, continuously working to break down food, absorb nutrients, keep out toxins and produce nutrients. For optimal wellbeing, immunity, detoxification and nourishment, your gut must function seamlessly.

This probiotic-rich, delicious, tasty, effervescent fermented tea is available in a range of flavours, infused with natural ingredients such as cold pressed ginger, cold pressed cucumber, natural teas, extracts, juices and spices. The brews are passionately handcrafted in the Cape Winelands using only mineral water, organic green tea and natural ingredients.

This nourishing fermented green tea’s beneficial properties include not only those awesome gut-loving probiotics, but also organic acids, antioxidants, vitamins and digestive enzymes, which together work to improve digestion and gut flora, boost immunity and vitality, and balance and detoxify the body.

Many people who become infected with COVID-19 experience only mild illness and recover, but unfortunately this is not the case for everyone, with those having low immune systems being at most risk. No-one is exempt from transmission, so safeguarding one’s health by boosting immunity is of utmost importance. Stocking up on these goodness-filled products is an easy way for parents to offer their families with extra protection while enjoying delicious refreshment and natural invigoration.

 Boost your immune system with Red!’s new health menu

 Next week, Red! launches an awesome new health-focused menu. Think immune boosting Super Lattes enlivened with turmeric, almond milk, coconut cream and maca; and divine Super Smoothies packed with energy-giving maca, cacao, dates, banana and almond milk, or nourishing superfood organic greens, pineapple, kale and coriander.

A major part of the Red! buzz is breakfast. Start the day with a nutritious Happiness Bowl (R68) with granola, coconut yogurt, chia seeds, coconut flakes, cranberries and fruit, or keep it traditional with free range scrambled eggs on 100% rye (R55).

Melt in your mouth lunch options now range from butternut and avocado wrap (R89), to sweet potato fries with baobab mayo (R55); a delish halloumi avo wrap (R89), and quinoa, spinach, sweet potato, feta and chive salad (R108).

Red!’s two Cape Town eateries also offer Happy Culture Kombucha and health menu pairing.

All this deliciousness can still be savoured in the vibrant gallery space – airy and bright with triple volume high ceilings, tables spaced out 2 metres apart and glorious fresh air flowing through the venue.

 RED!’s new health and safety measures

Customer health is a top priority. Hygiene stations have been created at the Steenberg and Bree Street cafés, with staff at Bree Street being thermo screened every day. Staff are constantly updated on Cononavirus news.

The business is doubling down on hygiene, keeping hand sanitizer, disposable wipes, soap and tissues on hand. The new hygiene protocols entail employee training, ensuring employees take extra precautions to ensure the restaurants are virus-free. All food surfaces, tabletops, and tableware are scrubbed between customers. Staff have been briefed to avoid unnecessary physical contact.

Where possible, RED! is postponing events, offering an alternative virtual online attendance option. An updated website will soon feature a FAQ section to address concerns; social media followers will be kept updated, and a forum will be created to respond to questions from the community.

Payment options will be modified, leaning towards cashless methods of payment – “tap” payments, or online via snapscan / zapper using your phones.

 Fill your home with fabulous art

Tired of looking at that blank wall? Well get ready to enjoy your new art collection – even if it’s only temporary! Art improves the quality of our lives and personalises our living space and RED are prepped to make this happen. Visit to purchase or rent out a masterpiece to decorate your home whilst under lockdown.

Phone or WhatsApp 082 808 1298 to place an order. Rentals must be purchased in packages of 6 to 12 months. Those aged 21 to 35 can get artworks interest-free over a 3 to 6 month period. A 35% deposit is required to purchase items over 3 to 6 months.

5% of these costs go to the Gala for Good to educate children about the Coronavirus – highlighting daily practices for healthy living.

RED! the Gallery! Steenberg: Shop B4 Steenberg Village Shopping Centre, Reddam Avenue, Tokai
Cape Town, + 27 (21) 702 4466

RED! the Gallery! Bree Street: 4 Bree Street, Portside Building, Foreshore, Cape Town,+ 27 (82) 332 3742