Steyn City Foundation delivers vital food parcels to neighbouring Diepsloot



Johannesburg: April: Steyn City Foundation is showing its care for the members of the neighbouring Diepsloot community with a further  delivery of 3 000 parcels -comprising fresh produce and soap – to key vulnerable centres and NPOs this coming Friday, 17 April.

The project represents a partnership between Fidelity (Steyn City’s security provider), NPOs, SAPS Diepsloot, and Bidvest International Logistics who have made their trucks available for the collection and delivery without charge.


The Foundation has also received enormous support from Steyn City’s residents who have given generously to the initiative as well as provided services, such as printing health awareness brochures in vernacular languages.

The delivery is a measure to help residents whose income, and therefore access to food, has been threatened by the virus pandemic, explains Giuseppe Plumari, CEO of Steyn City Properties. “The value of fresh produce, and the vital immune-boosting nutrients they contain, cannot be underestimated at this time,” he points out.

“Obviously, a deployment like this comes with its own complexities, and so our teams on the ground have taken stringent measures to protect both themselves and those in Diepsloot from infection,” Plumari says. To this end, parties involved in the deliveries are implementing strict social distancing as they take packages to individual centres and homes.

With each household in Diepsloot housing between four and six family members, it’s clear that the community is in dire need of help. Plumari notes that the Steyn City Foundation is planning to address this need, and will undertake more small but frequent fresh produce deliveries going forward, as the development’s resources allow.

Steyn City and its Foundation has a long standing relationship with the members of Diepsloot, who are the beneficiaries of the development’s annual Delivering Happiness to Diepsloot campaign. Bidvest and Auto & General are, again, eager and consistent supporters of this initiative.

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