The Social Cohesion Advocates Programme Release “Bayete Mzansi” Anthem performed by PJ Powers / Thandeka and the Mzansi Youth Choir

An initiative led by Volunteer Social Cohesion Advocates and Powered by The Department of Sports, Arts and Culture

Available now across all digital platforms –

27 April 2021 On Freedom Day, the Social Cohesion Advocates Programme (SCAP), powered by the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture (DSAC), release “Bayete Mzansi”, an anthem performed by PJ Powers/Thandeka collaborating with the Mzansi Youth Choir and is accompanied by a powerful music video. This anthem calls the entire nation to come together to take South Africa higher. It forms part of a nationwide movement called “Up We Go Mzansi”, being led by volunteer activists of the DSAC’s Social Cohesion Advocates Programme. The overall goal of the programme is to mobilise society in its entirety, to work together to build a caring and proud society, based on shared values and a shared vision.

The campaign anthem “Bayete Mzansi” is complementary of the movement as music truly connects, inspires, and unifies humanity. PJ Powers/Thandeka specifically, is known for her activism through music in the apartheid era. The soloists from the Mzansi Youth Choir, Zoe Gulwa and Thando Matiwane, represent the incredible energy and talents of the youth of South Africa. It is our youth that are going to take South Africa higher and higher, and while this movement hopes to draw in, unite and mobilise all people living in South Africa, the youth are our main hope for the future.

The lyrics of “Bayete Mzansi” invite all of South Africa to sing in unity: “We are, the power of one, and this is our country, where we belong, this song to you, my brothers, my sisters come sing with me in unity”. May this song open people’s hearts to pave the way and hold space for the difficult but important discussions and actions that need to take place to move towards true social cohesion and progress.

“Up We Go Mzansi” is a movement calling every person in South Africa to harness our collective talents and strengths, and to move South Africa upwards together.

The release of “Bayete Mzansi” serves as phase 1 of the “Up We Go Mzansi” movement. Phase 2 will follow in early May, with a creative youth arts competition encouraging participants all over the country to share their voice of expression to inform our collective journey. It will be launched alongside a collection of famous South African speeches filmed and reproduced in partnership with South African celebrities, paired with an interactive discussion guide by gold Youth Development Agency, known as a Talk Group. Young people are encouraged to gather to watch the video clips, discuss topics and work together to come up with an action plan for social cohesion as a result, which will inspire their creative competition entries. The aim of phase 2 will be to inspire and motivate the people of South Africa to be ready for Phase 3, which will encourage people to join forces across racial and socio-economic lines, and take action to propel people, and thereby our country, forwards and upwards socially and economically.

“Bayete Mzansi” can be Listened to or downloaded here

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