The Steyn City Foundation continues to feed Diepsloot


Johannesburg, Friday 24 April 2020: The Steyn City Foundation is making its third delivery of foodstuffs and other essentials to Diepsloot on Friday 24 April, with the involvement of Gift of Givers making it possible to amplify the impact of this worthy initiative.

The Steyn City Foundation started making deliveries of fresh produce to Diepsloot, the location which borders Steyn City, shortly ahead of the Easter weekend. Following the first warmly welcomed drop-off of 3 000 food packages, the Steyn City Foundation announced that it would roll out similar deliveries on a weekly basis. To date, 6 000 families have received parcels containing fresh produce, treats and household cleaning products.

“It has been a wonderful privilege to be able to participate in this project, especially when there are the likes of Gift of the Givers walking alongside us. The organisation’s passion and enthusiasm is inspiring,” says Giuseppe Plumari, CEO of Steyn City Properties.

Plumari has praised Gift of the Givers for enabling the Steyn City Foundation to take its deliveries where they are most needed during the next dropoff, Diepsloot Extensions 4 and 13, where residents live in extreme poverty. To alleviate their plight, especially at a time when the coronavirus lockdown has curtailed the possibility of earning money to buy food, the organisations are joining forces to provide twenty-litre buckets filled to the brim with staple foods. The buckets also carry public awareness announcements and educational messages about preventing the spread of the virus, printed in vernacular languages, and feature a pouring spout so they can be used for drinking water or household cleaning.

“We are truly humbled by the support this project has received – not only from our partners like Bidvest Logistics Services and Fidelity and of course, the incredible good will and support NGO Gift of the Givers, but also from the residents of Steyn City and other estates in the area who have supported our efforts,” says Plumari.

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