This week is your final golden opportunity to win luxury Lumiére candles from Durban designer Casey Jeanne with NESCAFÉ GOLD


To celebrate NESCAFÉ GOLD’s continued Crafted Beyond Compare Winter 2022 campaign ending this August, NESCAFÉ GOLD has partnered with four local creatives, bespoke jewellers Nungu Diamonds, fashion designer David Tlale, chef extraordinaire Luke Dale-Roberts and Durban designer Casey Jeanne, to offer lucky consumers spectacular prizes from now until the 31st of August 2022.

With one lucky winner previously taking home a dazzling diamond piece from Nungu Diamonds and another winning a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience from Luke Dale-Roberts, these next few weeks are the last chance to win with Lumiére creator Casey Jeanne. The famed Durban-based designer gained popularity through her glamourous bridal designs and now offers a range of bespoke candles hand poured using an intoxicating blend of soy and coconut wax.

Speaking to the joy of taking in NESCAFÉ GOLD’s signature rich aroma, Casey Jeanne offers four natural hand-crafted limited-edition Lumiére candles that ensure an amazing fragrant experience which embodies the love of adventure and luxury. Delectable fragrances from Lumiére include Anthracite & Ember, Frankincense & Myrrh, and Sea Island Cotton. From the beautifully frosted glass holders to the carefully detailed packaging, every element exudes the craftsmanship and luxury reminiscent of NESCAFÉ GOLD.

Buy your favourite NESCAFÉ GOLD product from any local retailer for a chance to win!

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