Three Ingredients to the perfect Relaxation Station


While every bathroom is a true amalgamation of personal taste, product quality and available funding, those are not the three ingredients being referred to here. No, today we will be looking at the three different product types Hansgrohe offers to the modern home owner for their bathroom.

These would be the bathroom tap, the shower and the thermostatic mixer. Hansgrohe is well-established as an industry leader when it comes to said products, having multiple awards safely notched into the proverbial belt.

But when it comes to mixing the multiple options together, where does one begin?

Combo 1 – ‘The Professional’

This is a grouping characterised by authentic elegance and graceful contours. For the tap, we are going with the Logis single-lever basin mixer. The Logis is well-known for being clean, modern and functional; with minimal wastage. Featuring EcoSmart, QuickClean, AirPower and ComfortZone – the Logis has all the latest bells and whistles.

For the shower, we’re pairing the Logis with the Raindance Select E shower head. This is a two-jet EcoSmart product, limited to 9l/m at peak flow and an example of a XXL Performance offering from Hansgrohe – meaning your shower will stretch to envelope your entire body with the large surface area of the head.

The Ecostat E is the thermostat mixer of choice. It’s modern, precise and elegant in appearance, and comes with CoolContact – Hansgrohe’s new technology which prevents burns and scalding when touching the metal.

Combo 2 – ‘The Host’

 This is a grouping characterised by efficiency, practicality and design. For the basin faucet, we will go with the Metropol single lever basin mixer; a concealed installation with EcoSmart, AirPower and QuickClean features.

For the shower, the Croma 280 single jet is the obvious choice. It’s powerful, compact and sophisticated. It also comes with EcoSmart, reducing your water and energy consumption dramatically.

As for the thermostat, the ShowerSelect S has both simplicity and functionality in the bag. Beneath your Croma shower head, this is the golden ticket for a plain-but-stunning bathing experience. Your guests will love it!

Combo 3 – ‘The Enthusiast’

 This is a grouping defined by extravagance and nerve, featuring some newer products from the German giants. Let’s begin with the thermostat mixer; the Ecostat. This is a matt black product which can be used for both shower and bath placement, either concealed or exposed.

Due to the colouring of the thermostat, our choice of tap is going to be the Talis E. Aside from being a beautiful design, this range will soon be available in a number of different colours within Hansgrohe’s FinishPlus offering. FinishPlus allows you to choose the finish on your Talis E taps; including a sublime matt black option.

As for that scintillating shower option; the brand new Rainfinity is leading the pack. This is a gorgeous shower head with matt black hints in a chrome setting. The Rainfinity allows the shower-user to change between multiple spray types; making it one of the most exciting new products available.

Create your Combo

 Regardless of whether you fit into one of the above moulds or prefer to mix and match your own, Hansgrohe has a darling combination just waiting for you.

What’s your combo? Build it with hansgrohe.

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