Where Are You Planning To Go For Your Next Golf Holiday?


These days, time is all we have due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m sure seasoned golfers are already missing those golf moments and golf days and they are already planning and plotting their next big golfing excursion.

While it is important to stay at home right now and stay safe in order to earn a lot more golf days on this planet when the COVID-19 pandemic is over, it never hurts to plan ahead because eventually the pandemic shall come to pass and the time for golf holidays shall come.

Ever Considered Having A Golf Excursion In Zimbabwe?

In case you are sitting at home right now wondering where next can you go for that much-needed golf holiday, you don’t have to sit and brainstorm anymore. Why? You may ask, because Zimbabwe boasts of having exquisite luxurious golf estates and I’m sure a team of African golfers would greatly enjoy a golf day/event on foreign soils.

Have You Heard Of Leopard Rock Golf Estate?

Deep in the Vumba Forest, in the Eastern Highlands, in Zimbabwe lies a town called Mutare. Mutare is about 270 km East of the capital Harare where a golf heaven at a 5-star resort, the Leopard Rock Golf Estate lies.

Why The Leopard Rock Golf Estate?

You must be wondering why I’m on and on about a golf estate in Zimbabwe right? Well because you might have one of the greatest golfing executions for the decade at this luxurious resort.

1. Their Gold Estate Is On Point

2. You Will Have A Moment With Animals At The Resort .  To add honey to the whole experience you can also visit the resort’s nature reserve where you can see these beautiful animals

3. You Get To Wine And Dine In Utter Luxury
While at it classic food and great wines are the order of the day at the resort

4. You Get To Enjoy The Pristine Vumba scenery
We all need an occasional R’n R, Vumba is known to be one of Zimbabwe’s most beautiful scenic views and you will have the chance to explore such beautiful views, from what I hear, they are soothing.

There you have it. 4 Solid reasons to plan a golf holiday in Zimbabwe at Vumba’s Leopard Rock Golf Estate.