Xylo Belt Bags – Simple, Sylish and Convenient


Cape Town,  June 2020- In a pre-covid era, the worst thing you could do was leave the house without your phone or purse but these days, we wouldn’t dare leave without our face mask and hand sanitizer- maybe even a travel-sized pack of disinfectant wipes too. Whilst these essential items are now our top priority, there is still the hesitation and apprehension around lugging all our belongings around in public.

If you’re searching for a chic, sleek and safe way to keep your go-to supplies handy when you’re on the go, look no further than Xylo belt bags. This lightweight, genuine leather belt bag allows you to keep all of your health essentials in one stylish, convenient place. 

Say goodbye to fishing through your bottomless purse, and making contact with whatever else may be swimming around in there. As we have all adjusted to this new world order of hygiene and sanitization it’s no secret that bag handles and straps are a danger zone and breeding ground for germs. Xylo belt bags offer you a hygienic and stress-free alternative to venturing out of the house by minimising contact with your belongings in public spaces.

For added convenience, the belt bag can be worn multiple ways and works with every outfit. From work, shopping and even exercising, the Xylo belt bag offers a sense of minimalistic style and convenience. 

About Xylo

XYLO offers the modern fashionista genuine leather bags, specialising in belt bags. This practical, minimal and adjustable bag offers stylish versatility to all women in three shades- metallic, tan and black with more colours to be released in the future. With adjustable and detachable straps, the XYLO belt bag can be worn numerous ways to your liking, making it an all-purpose accessory suitable for anyone and any occasion. 

For added benefits, the XYLO belt bag offers a much needed peace of mind security mechanism. Strong YKK zips are imported from Swaziland for a multi-wear function that allows you to attach your zip to the snap hook, preventing the bag from being easily opened while you are wearing it.

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