Gateway commences Multi-Million-Rand Metamorphosis


Gateway Theatre of Shopping, the East Coast’s trend-setting super regional mall, pushes the boundaries of South African shopping experiences once more thanks to a multi-million-rand refurbishment that will combine leading edge construction with new age design technologies.

Head of Retail for Old Mutual Property, Ahmed Kazi, said “the revitalisation of the mega mall which has been something of a trailblazer in the local retail space since it launched 21 years ago, would give the centre a whole new design aesthetic.

The two-phase upgrade begins with the transformation of the Great Hall around Gateway’s entrance axis. This will be followed by the rejuvenation of the centre’s two adjacent vaulted wings.

Phase one includes a glamorous triple-volume faceted glass façade around the main lifts, a new geometric tiling design and striking curved organic ceiling bulkheads that will unite to create a new age elegance with sweeping lines and timber accents.

General Manager for Gateway, Feysel Potgieter, said that work has commenced on the first phase but would pause for the festive season. Phase two, which will focus on the adjacent wings, will be completed in 2023.

Sustainable practices and intelligent technologies within the new Great Hall will pave the way for Gateway to embrace future retail trends.

“Our strategy is based on the three R’s of sustainability – namely reduce, reuse and recycle. We believe that to create a space for people to enjoy and to ensure future value for the community, we cannot compromise. Materials and finishes have been sustainably sourced or made from recycled materials. We have also repurposed the existing natural stone in the mall,” Potgieter explained.

To propel Gateway still further into the digital age, energy sensitive lighting and electronics will be used. This approach will extend to operational components such as sanitary ware, escalators, lifts and air conditioning chillers, aligning Gateway with Old Mutual Properties’ national commitment to sustainability.

Gateway is currently one of the top 100 largest malls in the world and the third largest in South Africa.  The shopping complex – which will not be extended during this latest upgrade – measures over 176,000sqm.

“We will be doing everything possible to ensure our customers continue to enjoy their experience during these refurbishments and are very proud to be able to continue to improve our customers’ journey throughout the mall” said Potgieter.



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