Rise in The Launch of Residential Developments in Sandton Central Affirms it is THE Place to Live

Sandton Central continues to enjoy momentum in new residential real estate developments and a rise in the launch of apartments, confirming its status as one of South Africa’s most popular and growing neighbourhoods.


As the home of the newly launched HQ Sandton, setting the stage for new-age living for those on the move, two recent BlackBrick residential developments appealing to the globe-trotting, live-work-learn set, The Leonardo offering similar opportunities to the luxury market, and even more residential developments in the pipeline, there is no doubt that an increasing number of people have come to view Sandton Central as the best place to live and invest in residential property.

“Besides its beauty and many points of interest, Sandton Central offers an unbeatable quality of life. It is a human-scale forward-looking neighbourhood, and it only takes one visit to fall head-over-heels in love with its vibrance and lifestyle,” says Elaine Jack, District Improvement Manager for Sandton Central Management District (SCMD).

Jack adds that there are good reasons for this. “Life in Sandton Central has many advantages thanks to a combination of location, a growing variety of residential options, its robust local economy, the combination of culture, nature and modernity as well as a diversified range of services designed to meet residents’ differing needs – all this makes living in Sandton Central highly attractive.”

“More than just a vibrant urban centre, Sandton Central is a place for all family members, where everyone has a chance to grow. This is among the key reasons more people want to live here. Tapping into the growing demand for residential accommodation in Sandton Central, it is pleasing to see that developers are showing confidence as they strategically launch new projects,” says Jack.

The Sandton Central Management District team supports this confidence through its initiatives to ensure the neighbourhood offers a safe, clean, well-managed experience and great amenities to make it even more liveable, secure and enjoyable for everyone.

Sandton Central is known to be home to some of the most ambitious and captivating modern architecture on the continent. Its skyline has risen ever-higher over the past 50 years, with more and more residential buildings taking pride of place in the neighbourhood. Their glazed and glossy multifaceted structures shimmer in the beautiful African sunrises and sunsets as vibrant as the people inside them.

As an international tourist must-visit and a must-have address for multinationals in the country and on the continent, Sandton Central’s thriving economy is a magnet for visiting young professionals who are attracted to stay and share in its wealth and growth. “Sandton Central is a neighbourhood that opens up the world for its residents,” says Jack.

Considering the centrally-located major Gautrain Station is in Sandton Central and connects directly to OR Tambo International Airport, nothing is far away – the rest of South Africa, Africa, the world. Living in Sandton Central also gives residents access to an ever-improving network of roads and highways for public and private transport. It is also pedestrian and bike friendly.

Sandtonites are always on the go, which is why there’s never a shortage of things going on. It is packed with enjoyable, healthy, fun things to do. You can visit the beautiful parks to picnic and people-watch, there’s also art, theatre, festivals and events, gyms and sports clubs, markets, music, culture and history.

The food culture in Sandton Central is incredible, unique, varied and full of the richness of flavours, cultures and tastes. There’s a fabulous mix of everything from your favourite coffee-on-the-go to casual comfort food and fine dining to laidback and buzzy meeting and eating. Sandton Central is one of those city districts that also boasts incredible nightlife all year round.

In its heart, Sandton City is one of the biggest shopping and leisure destinations in all of South Africa. It’s an exciting mix of everyday and elegant retail, coffee shops, and eateries. It links to Johannesburg’s finest dining destination, Nelson Mandela Square, featuring the iconic statue of one of the world’s greatest men, symbol of freedom and African pride, Nelson Mandela.

“Right now, many people are reconsidering where and how they live. Quality of life has become a major driver in the residential market as people seek better lifestyles and easy access to amenities. Living in Sandton Central offers all this and more,” concludes jack.

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