Sxeeps and Tasha Baxter Re-join Forces to Release “Somebody New”

Somebody New is available now on all major digital streaming platforms:

Friday, 17 September 2021 – SXEEPS releases a new single “Somebody New” with long-time friend and co-songwriter Tasha Baxter from his forthcoming album Ghost Writer. The pair have written several hits together including; Fade to Black, Who’s Sorry Now, and Useless, not forgetting “The Journey” which was sampled in Lil Wayne’s track “Hittas”. It was only a matter of time before these powerhouse songwriters would come together again to create magic, this time, for SXEEPS release as his own artist project.

“Someone like me, Someone like you….”; Somebody New is a song about having to change in a relationship. It expresses how fickle and how enduring love can be. : Tasha has always been my favourite vocalist, there is always a sense of tragic sadness that she brings to her vocal delivery.” Says SXEEPS.

Sxeeps takes us into the moment of when this song was created – “The heat was sweltering that weekend and the songs that were created had some kind of charm and mystique about them. It’s one of those songs that we knew had something, but we were writing songs to pitch to other artists, we never imagined that we would release the song ourselves. But somehow, the universe conspired in our favour.”

To listen to Somebody New:


SXEEPS aka Andre Scheepers is a South African composer and songwriter who has had a hand in many chart-topping songs over the last two decades including hits from Tasha Baxter, Jesse Clegg, Auriol Hays, Johnny Apple, Bobby Van Jaarsveld and Chianosky to name a few.

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