Vibrant Female Entrepreneurs Introduce Conscious Consumption Fashion Business: Shared Collective

4 August 2021 – Ahead of Women’s Day vibrant and audacious female entrepreneurs and business partners Simone Veitch and Kishana Naidoo introduce Shared Collective to bring conscious fashion consumption to South Africa with their platform Shared Collective, all while empowering women.

Shared Collective is a platform for women to share their wardrobe and rent from others. Enabling them to monetize their clothing items by renting them out and reducing their retail consumption by renting items from others. Equipping women with the tools and opportunities to explore their style, give their items a second life, and contributing to a more environmentally friendly way of being fashionable, all while providing them with an additional source of income through already owned items.

Shared Collective places women in control of renting out items they own, on their terms through an easy and safe platform. Shared Collective aims to protect and financially empower women while they enter the space of sharing and conscious consumption.  

The Shared Collective mission is to slow down consumption, not only to protect the environment but to foster connection between people in their community.

“Our aim is to create a brand that is transcend-able – not only offering a service but also communicating matters of importance surrounding sustainability and creating a community.” –  Shared Collective Co-Founder, Kishana Naidoo elaborates further on the Shared Collective Brand Mission.

Simone and Kishana created Shared Collective with the belief that by sharing owned items, connections and bonds will be created, thus empowering us to consciously live better lives. Sharing enables the space for conversation, collection and collaborative consumption. These sustainable fashion frontrunners saw that the traditional fashion methods no longer work and that action needs to be taken to rethink and reinvent the fashion cycle together. 

Shared Collective Co-founder Simone Veitch Speaks to the Share Collective brand – “The essence of Shared Co is sharing. Whether it’s clothes, ideas or connections. We believe that by sharing what we have we are creating a space for conversation, connection and collaborative consumption.”

Shared Collective goes beyond aesthetics, it is about sustainable style;– doing good for yourself, others and our planet and looking great while doing all of the above. Sharing collective experiences, thoughts and belongings makes for fulfilling lives. 

Over and above the incredible platform and services provided, Shared Collective also performs as a community for those interested in conscious fashion consumption and other brand babes. Their website hosts a blog site called “Shared Shelf” where thoughts, stories and experiences are shared including hacks and monthly favourite features by various fashion contributors. However, their ‘Brandter’ Instagram TV series profiles notable South African female owned businesses with a friendly and inspiring exchange of advice from one brand to another.

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