Audio and visual trends that are shaping entertainment in 2021

Advanced noise-cancelling earbuds 

Working from home with kids and extended family under one roof has created an even greater demand for noise-cancellation devices. Thankfully, wireless earbuds now feature sophisticated HD noise isolation technology and offer unparalleled sound quality. Not only do they allow people to listen to their favourite tunes in breath-taking high-resolution audio, but they also deliver a noise-free listening experience without background distractions.

Earbuds like the newly launched Sony WF-1000XM4 provide users with the ultimate listening experience thanks to industry-leading noise-cancelling technology that produces superior and premium sound that’s practical and comfortable.

Bravia XR powered TVs

So much has changed in the home entertainment space, especially with people forced to stay home during the lockdown. This has prompted home entertainment enthusiasts to recreate the cinema experience in their living room.

To meet this demand, viewers in the region can now enjoy a much more immersive and realistic experience thanks to the ground-breaking cognitive intelligence of its award-winning BRAVIA XRtelevisions. The new BRAVIA XR TV, powered by the Cognitive Processor XR, caters to the growing demand from at-home audiences for 4K and HD content, and images that faithfully convey the creators’ intent. A90J OLED, A80J OLED, X90J 4K models with Cognitive Intelligence mimics the human brain to deliver a more realistic experience.

Wireless cinematic sound

This minimalistic trend is also seen in wireless soundbars that complete the recreation of real cinema sound in a slim, compact design that’s unobtrusive and designed to perfectly complement modern living spaces.

Sony’s new HT-S40R 600W real 5.1 channel surround sound speakers feature this compact yet powerful wireless design that can be placed on a surface or mounted on a wall.

Technology is constantly evolving to become functional and stylish. It’s, therefore, become vital for brands to continuously innovate their tech to maintain their competitive edge within the market and remain relevant.

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