New Black Betty Collection Pays Homage to the Past with a Mystical Twist

Jewellery design house Black Betty has unveiled its latest collection – the Oracle Collection – taking inspiration from jewellery linked to family heritage, but with a mystical twist, incorporating tarot symbols.

“The tarot is in essence a soul map, a deep psychological guide to self-empowerment. We wanted to empower wearers to create their own, individual design that might act as a compass to guide them through their everyday lives – a modern heirloom.” says Black Betty founder Kristin Weixelbaumer. The range includes 17 symbols that can be chosen, including ‘the Aphrodite’, ‘the dagger’ and ‘the wild card’.

Weixelbaumer says that the collection redefines the traditional ‘signet ring’ to be more inclusive of people who have either had difficult family relationships, who pride themselves on individuality, or have fought against tradition. “Our goal was to create a piece for those attached to their family and heritage, but also those that aren’t. A piece that acknowledges the wearer’s past, accepts their present and charts their future.”

Black Betty employed the talents of designer Jamie Boon for the new range. Customers are able to determine their very own signature piece, etched onto either a signet ring or pendant. The signet and pendant can be presented in an oval, rectangular, diamond or round shape. The designs can be chosen in silver or gold with the additional option of adding precious stones to enhance the design.

“People view signet rings as pieces that signify the past – a nod to their heritage and family lineage. We decided to turn that on it’s head and take a forward looking view, redefining the concept to be more inclusive. We chose symbols for Black Betty’s very own Tarot deck that would remind someone every day of who they are, what they wanted to attract into their lives and where they wanted to go. We want these pieces to become a compass for the wearer, a reminder that they’ll never be lost again,” says Weixelbaumer.

View the range in store at Black Betty stores in Sea Point, Cape Town and Parkhurst, Johannesburg, or view online at


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