hansgrohe RainDrain – a Range of Shower Drains for the Perfect Look in the Bathroom

What good is the most relaxing wellness shower if you’re constantly hitting the drain cover with your feet or if the water is not draining correctly as you shower? The new hansgrohe RainDrain selection of drains offers attractive solutions for floor-level showers and complements all standard bathroom designs. The effect is a seamless look throughout the shower, as the hansgrohe RainDrain comes in a variety of models suitable for all hansgrohe faucets and showers. Thanks to simple installation with minimal depth and a variety of lengths, the new shower drains are suitable for a whole host of installation scenarios, including large-scale projects, and enable maximum freedom of movement in the shower.

Compatible Across the Board, from the Basic and Installation Sets to the Cover

The hansgrohe RainDrain selection includes three shower channel lines all based on a single basic set, as well as a point drain in different variants. The basic set is available in two variants to cover all requirements: water seal height of 50 mm (certified in accordance with EN 1253 for standard installation) and water seal height of 30 mm. This variant is suitable particularly for renovations and shower installations with minimal installation depth. Every uBox comes with a preinstalled sealing fleece for an optimal water seal. The basic set is installed in advance at the same time as the pipes, after which the concrete is poured and then the flooring installed in the form of tiles or natural stone. When installing a RainDrain Match or Rock, a drainage channel – the installation set – is also embedded in the concrete.

Versatile for Any Installation Scenario and Suitable for Any Customer Desires

RainDrain Match

As the name “Match” suggests, this shower channel blends seamlessly with the shower floor, with six surfaces to choose from: Chrome, Brushed Stainless Steel, Matt Black, Matt White, Black (glass), and White (glass). The back of the cover can also be tiled with up to 18 millimeters of material (exception: Black and White glass variants). RainDrain Match is suitable for installation both along the wall and directly in the surface. The wall installation set is always included, so the final decision regarding the type of installation can even be made on-site. The support frame is adjustable in height, allowing the channel to be adapted to the height of the surrounding tiles with ease. RainDrain Match is available in 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, and 120-centimeter lengths.

RainDrain Flex

With the RainDrain Flex drain, the water flows directly over the stylish cover. This shower channel is available in a variety of standard lengths but can also be shortened on-site if necessary. There are a variety of colors to choose from: Chrome, Brushed Stainless Steel, Matt Black, Matt White, Brushed Bronze, Polished Gold Optic, and Brushed Black Chrome. Thanks to the gradient integrated into the cover, RainDrain Flex can be installed directly on the concrete. The height can be adjusted using the oval connector in the basic set. RainDrain Flex is also suitable for installation both in the floor surface and directly along the wall.

RainDrain Rock

RainDrain Rock is a frameless mounting plate that can be tiled with natural stone up to 40 millimeters thick. A unique benefit here, too, is the precise adjustment of length: the product can be shortened by 5 cm on both sides.

RainDrain Spot

With its limited installation depth, RainDrain Spot offers an exceptional solution for everyone who prefers a traditional point drain over a shower channel. The cover surface is available in Brushed Stainless Steel, which can also be tiled on the back, as well as with a Brushed Stainless-Steel pattern.

Space-Saving Storage

As a perfect complement to the hansgrohe RainDrains, the hansgrohe XtraStoris storage solutions increase freedom of movement higher up in the shower. These design modules come in different sizes, designs, and surfaces and can be integrated into the wall, creating additional storage space. The elements offer watertight installation thanks to the corresponding installation sets and included sealing fleece. The easy-to-clean XtraStoris offer an ideal and subtle storage space solution in the customized wellness shower.

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