August is the Month for Devotion!

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August has been classified as Women’s Month, and is not only about highlighting and recognising women, but also celebrating their achievements and seeking gender equality worldwide!

This year, Women’s Day is a time to remember the past and to be proud to be a woman. It’s also a perfect time to treat yourself, or that special lady in your life, so since it falls on a Tuesday (August 9), why not take this opportunity to make it a long weekend?

All the powerhouse women at Granny Mouse listed some ideas on how to pay it forward this Women’s Day, or how to celebrate together to make the day memorable for all the hard working ladies in your company:

  • Treat the team to a breakfast or lunch – no cooking, no dishes, and a super great bonding session.
  • Knowing that many have less than we may have, look at all clubbing in to donate to a charity that helps women, such as the Rape Crisis Centre, amongst others. Every little bit helps, and this could even include donating items to help them gain some independence from previously abusive partners. This is not just symbolism – every cent counts. And often, this sort of initiative helps in building more awareness for women’s causes than other celebratory initiatives.
  • If you know any inspiring business women, have them provide the team with a motivational talk, that could be on life or business entrepreneurship, to help inspire and motivate.
  • If you have a business, possibly give some local young women the opportunity to learn on the ground – university of life can in many ways be more beneficial than studying, as you are providing them with self-confidence, which in turn, affords growth.
  • Find a book at home that is centered on learning or inspiration and share with those around you, male or female.
  • Why not include the men? What about a “Ready, Steady, Cook” activity, where the guys in the office get to participate in a cooking challenge, and the ladies get to judge the best meals created. Include a secret box making it even more fun.
  • We all know about Employee of the Month, so why not highlight the women on your social media platforms, website and have an informal celebratory moment where small tokens and certificates are distributed to the amazing women achievers at work.

At the end of the day, the Granny Mouse team recognizes and acknowledges all women, will roll out the “proverbial red carpet” and raise a glass to all women, worldwide, not just in August but every day!!


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