Cook Risotto Like A Pro – Chef Massimo’s Riso Gallo Masterclass

On a flying visit from Italy, expert risotto chef Massimo Rossetto reveals all the secrets of this traditional Italian dish in a delicious series of masterclasses with Riso Gallo and Clearworld Suppliers.

An authentic Italian risotto is a joy to all the senses – creamy in texture, rich in flavour and aromatically appetising. It’s something that a home cook can easily master, but many are hesitant, not knowing the right techniques, or confused about the difference between Arborio or Carnaroli rice. Chef Massimo Rossetto reveals all the secrets – the basics being good home-made stock, high-quality rice and excellent fresh ingredients (don’t stint on that butter and use genuine parmesan cheese) – showing you how to achieve risotto greatness every time.

He demonstrated two different risotto recipes during the 2-hour masterclass and two more easy rice recipes that reveal the versatility of Italy’s popular Riso Gallo rice offering.

Two styles of risotto

Showing the differences between Carnaroli and Arborio, and varied ways of integrating flavour Chef Massimo cooked two different styles of risotto:

A simple and elegant risotto alla parmigiana using Riso Carnaroli Gallo and a light veal stock. This relies on the delicate flavours of the stock (don’t even think about using stock cubes for this one) and lashings of butter and parmesan cheese for a beautiful golden risotto with a dash of balsamic glaze to contrast the creaminess.

A deep and earthy risotto con Funghi porcini using Riso Arborio Gallo and porcini mushrooms with vegetable stock. Here the porcini mushrooms play the starring role and the rice soaks up all the flavour, intensifying it into a sumptuous feast of mushroom gorgeousness.

Ready risotto arancini

Even in Italy home cooks sometimes need help with their risotto, especially on time-poor week-nights when stirring a pot for 30 – 40 minutes just isn’t feasible (however therapeutic the risotto cooking process is when you’re not in a rush). Riso Gallo’s ready risottos fill that gap. In this masterclass Chef Massimo demonstrated how to turn a saffron-ready risotto into arancini – those appetising bites of succulent heaven – deep-fried rice balls filled with tomato, peas and melting mozzarella.

Black Rice salad

Chef Massimo showed how to take your rice salads to the next level. It’s all about the rice. The Gallo Riso Nero (black rice) he used a delicious wholegrain rice with subtle aromas of sandalwood and freshly baked bread (and it’s rich in nutritious minerals). Its characteristic black colouring makes a striking backdrop to the added salad ingredients and turns that ordinary braai salad staple into something really special.

Feast on these four delicious dishes and follow Riso Gallo’s pages for more tips on cooking your rice the authentic Italian way.

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