Diesel Introduces Respectful Denim With Brand’s DNA

This season, Diesel is proud to introduce the first denim style (more to come in the following seasons), and a selection of fashion apparel and accessories, in line with the brand’s recent commitment to a future-focused on sustainability and more respectful of the environment but still always keeping DIESEL DNA.

Diesel’s “For Responsible Living” strategy, launched in January, is a commitment to taking action for the benefit of current and future generations and ensuring Diesel’s continuing success in a changing world. The strategy is based on four key pillars and commitments named: Be The Alternative, Stand For The Planet, Celebrate Individuality and Promote Integrity.

The look and feel of the new Made in Italy denim pieces will be exactly the same as DIESEL’s signature premium vintage denim line. All garments and accessory pieces have been created using innovative techniques that significantly reduce the use of water and chemicals during the production process. Every item is treated with a minimal amount of GreenScreen certified chemicals, and the water used is reduced by up to 40% compared to conventional methods.

The range offers style options for men which consists of sweaters, underwear, fanny packs and t-shirts. Every item of these more respectful Diesel range will display a hangtag including the following messaging:

This Made in Italy garment has been produced responsibly. Using Diesel partners’ innovative techniques, we limited the use of water and chemicals from fabric manufacturing to washing and treatments, making it a respectful denim with Diesel DNA.”

To view the range visit www.diesel.co.za .

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