Diesel Presents Bold Graphics, Tie-Dye and Patchwork in their Autumn/Winter Collection

DIESEL’s latest womenswear and menswear collections are presented into three drops, April, May and June 2021 allowing a greater product variety and a more fluid transition between these time periods.

The April drop is packed with throwback cues, particularly to the 1990’s. This is especially noticeable in the womenswear lineup; think Clueless, but with more of a bad girl vibe as if you were always being sent to the principal’s office. There’s a blooming of color across the product offering, from prints to bright hues on everything from varsity silhouettes to fitted trousers. Flowers are also front-and-center, rounding out the maximal, time-warp feel.

Shapes are varied, ranging from tight and tiny to outsized and draped. Skinny cargo pants flank wide-leg jeans, and patch accents are visible throughout. Ditsy floral prints on little t-shirts, fitted hoodies and those aforementioned varsity jackets are standout garments. Denim takes a bold direction in wide-leg silhouettes that are either cinched at the bottom or cuffed. Overalls along with a patchwork mini skirt, flared jeans and jacket trio round out the offerings.

Menswear nods in a classic direction too, but with more of a mash-up sensibility. Inspirations here include longstanding DIESEL signatures, like motocross, on-the-road Americana, and utility-based ingredients. These all meld together in a deconstructed aesthetic, creating a new seasonal look.

Bold graphics and tie-dyed treatments are present, and patchwork effects are interspersed throughout.

To view the range visit www.diesel.co.za


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