Suzie Beauty

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    Put a dark-skinned woman and the African sun together, throw in some grossly overpriced, often counterfeit make-up brands into the equation and what do you get – a recipe for disaster! Multiply that and you have a population of fashion police’s most wanted, not to mention a host of unsightly skin reactions.

    This was the inspiration that led Suzie Wokabi, International Relations degree holder, to pursue her passion and create her authentic, affordable, high-quality African make-up brand. This revolutionary line is Kenya’s first make-up/ beauty brand and a global trailblazer in creating a bespoke product for the African woman, by an African woman. Soon after graduating from University in the U.S, Suzie dove right into the fashion industry. She was trained by MAC Cosmetics and completed an intensive Media Make-up certificate course at the Award Studio Make-up School in Los Angeles.

    She worked in New York within the fashion and beauty industries from 2001 until 2007, when she returned to her hometown of Nairobi, Kenya. Suzie is now one of the top local make-up artists whose extensive industry experience runs the full gamut from Print Media to Television, Film, Video, Commercials, Runway, and Bridal. She began creating her make-up/ beauty brand in early 2009 and officially launched it in December 2011. The hallmark ofSuzieBeauty products is affordable, great quality, tailor-made for the unique needs of women living in the African climate. In June 2018, the much anticipated skin care range was launched into the market to rave reviews.

    To date, Suzie’s work has been featured in numerous local and international magazines, and the brand has been nominated for and/or won 31 awards.

    At the end of 2015, the SuzieBeauty brand was acquired by The Flame Tree Group. The brand now has the ability to increase reach and has gained a partner that has been aiding the brand get to the next level and implement all planned strategies.

    SuzieBeauty products are readily accessible online and in retail outlets in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and various other towns countrywide, with the goal to be available continent-wide and globally. Additionally, the brand plays a key role in the fashion, beauty, media and bridal industries and has established a seasonal school where aspiring local make-up-artists can learn this valuable skill.

    Suzie Wokabi is the Founder, Chief Creative Officer and Brand Ambassador of SuzieBeauty at The Flame Tree Group.