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Celebrity ring trends you can own from Sterns


Engagements are a happy time, not only are they a chance to celebrate a couple’s love for each other, but also a time to ‘ooh and aah’ over the ring.  

The engagement ring tradition (as we know it today) dates back over 1000 years. The first engagement rings were given because there was often a long time between betrothals and weddings. In most societies, these rings were very basic and were typically just simple bands made of gold, silver, or iron. But times have changed and engagement rings are now a reflection of the couple’s personalities, styles, memories they’ve shared, and are often inspired by family heirlooms.  

The team at Sterns is seeing solitaire and halo settings dominate, however, different diamond cuts are the perfect way to put your own creative stamp on a classic setting. You’ll see the likes of the cushion cut and the unusual marquise cut diamonds finding their way onto ring fingers.   

Celebrity engagements are no different and also provide an opportunity to gush over the ring. At Sterns, similar styles and diamond cuts feature as celeb rings set trends for their fans. 

Locally, Rolene Strauss’ engagement ring is a beautiful nod to the classic solitaire setting with an oval diamond. Oval-cut diamonds have the brilliance of a round cut, with the added benefit of an elongated shape, that gives the illusion of length to the finger. They have a wonderful shine and sparkle.

Sterns solitaire rings from the Forever collection are similar in style, ensuring the diamond is the focal point on your finger.

Sterns 1ct yellow gold My Forever direction solitaire ring 

 Kourtney Kardashian’s engagement ring is also a show-stopping solitaire setting with diamond encrusted band to ramp up the sparkle and glamour.

Connie Ferguson’s beautiful engagement ring features not one but two halo’s around the main diamond with diamond encrusted bands. 

Sterns has several halo settings to choose from too which nod to vintage diamond trends and are reminiscent of family heirlooms.  

Sterns White Gold Diamond Cushion Halo Channel Women’s Ring. This cushion cut has a pillow shape appearance with slightly rounded edges. This gives the shape a “softer” feel – perfect for people who want a balance of sparkle and a unique look.  

 American actress, Alison Brie, received a ring with a halo too when Dave Franco proposed with a ring featuring a yellow diamond, another trend coming through in engagement rings.

Leanne Dlamini’s ring features a heart shaped ruby with rubies and diamonds set in the wedding band. Adding colour in the form of rubies, sapphires, emeralds or black diamonds to your engagement ring is a wonderful way to bring your personality through.

Black diamonds in particular are growing in popularity and are a beautiful alternative for those who prefer to steer away from colourful stones in settings. 

 Sterns black diamond rose gold trilogy ring  

Heidi Klum tends to opt for engagement rings with a coloured diamond as her current ring also features a coloured stone, and her previous engagement ring from singer, Seal, was a yellow diamond.

Engagement rings stand for the promise of marriage, the devotion it symbolises and your commitment to each other. Sterns has taken this into consideration and curated a selection of rings for every style preference and to commemorate every memory making moment. 

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Since 1896, we’ve provided our customers with gifting solutions to celebrate important milestones in their lives. With over 125 years of experience, we assure trust and quality with every piece. 

At Sterns we abide by the Kimberley process offering only conflict free and ethically sourced diamonds. We are also proud members of the Jewellery council of South Africa, all because we know that your diamond’s journey is as important to you as its sparkle. 

Sterns offers you timeless, authentic symbols of sentiment for your most meaningful occasions, so that you can share the journey with the people you love most. It’s about sharing the joy with those closest to you. 

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