Love is Gold this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching, meaning it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to gift your loved one. Not sure what to surprise your sweetheart with before the big day arrives on Sunday, February 14. Classic gifts like chocolates or red-roses might have cracked it previously, but change it up this year with a gift that is unique and long-lasting. Why not express your love with a gold coin. A gold coin shows that you are responsible, a long-term thinker and are planning for the future.


Gold for Life has been making it easy to own gold since 1983 and offers consumers the opportunity to build a savings portfolio with Krugerrands which are the world’s most loved bullion coin. Gold coins might appear out of reach for everyday investors but Gold For Life presents an opportunity to own gold for a minimum monthly amount. The easy monthly payment plans allow you to begin your gold wealth journey.

Still, looking for inspiration? Look to the respected and beloved figures of Walter (1912 to 2003) and Albertina Sisulu (1918 to 2011) whose enduring relationship is depicted by the Protea 1/10 oz Walter & Albertina Sisulu Love Story coin. The month of love is a golden opportunity to qualify for a free gift from Gold For Life. Buy any VIP set in February and receive a Protea 1/10 oz Walter & Albertina Sisulu Love Story coin after 6 payments. Love might be worth more than gold; but gold is certainly more trusted, cherished and enduring than roses or chocolates.

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